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The Best QR Code Scanner 2019

Hello QR Code Enthusiast!

We get this question very often:

What is the best QR Code Scanner out there?

As a matter of fact, most of the apps will do the job by decoding the content of a QR Code and follow the link. However, there are some key features we suggest reviewing before downloading an app.

QR Code Scanner Checklist

Before downloading a QR Code Reader you might go through our checklist first to make sure to find a suitable reader for you:

  1. Native – Does my smartphone camera read QR Codes out of the box?
  2. Price – Is the app for free? Why?
  3. Security – Is the app safe/smart to download and use it?
  4. Speed and reliability – Does the app decode and process all QR Code types? Does the app read complex Designer QR Codes?
  5. Extra features – Does the app provide extra features beyond reading the code?
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