The main reason why you should consider retargeting a user scanning a QR Codes is his high level of motivation/engagement.

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Retargeting the audience that scans your QR Codes

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Discover some new ideas and techniques to implement successful retargeting campaigns.

Our redirection architecture allows you to place cookies from various service providers like Facebook or Google on the user’s device to enable retargeting.

Once a user scans your QR Codes you will be able to display personalized ads when he/she is visiting other websites or social networks.

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QR Code Ideas

QR Code Best Practices

Get some examples of QR Codes and landing pages that you can build with our platform in just a few clicks. Learn how business cards, lead forms or 1-time redeemable coupons can boost your brand awareness and turn your prospects into customers.

QR Code Trends 2020

QR Code Trends 2020

What is happening? Why are QR Codes hip again? Looking at the interest and usage of QR Codes, we discover that QR Codes are used more than ever! From our point of view and according to our experience there have been 3 key factors

QR Codes PDF

QR Codes for PDF Downloads

Using QR Codes in conjunction with PDF files is a powerful solution, especially if you’re dealing with large files or you have the need to update them regularly. This article will not only show you why PDF QR Codes will save you time and paper...

QR Audio MP3

Audio QR Codes are MP3-Codes

Whether you are a music band, a teacher, a stand-up comedian or even a poet, this type of QR Code is thought just for you. If you have something to say, sing, shout or explain you will enjoy QR-MP3s. The world is now your audience...