Provide a digital menu with a QR Code, use digital guest lists for contact tracing and learn how to improve safety in Hotels with QR Codes.

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How QR Codes help your business
on COVID19 times

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COVID19 has affected restaurants, hotels, travelling and leisure activities worldwide. The need of physical distancing and the limitations that come with preventing the spreading out of the disease have forced many to rethink their strategies from the ground up.

With QR Codes you can provide a safer environment for your staff, clients, and customers and keep your business running.

QR Code digital menu PDF

Provide a digital menu with a QR Code

Create a PDF QR Code to offer your customers a contactless menu for a safer experience. You can update your menu fast and easily without having to reprint the QR code.

QR Code Hotels

Improve safety in Hotels with QR Codes

Improve the experience and safety of your customers in your hotel and hospitality business. Provide access to your Wi-Fi through a QR Code or link to a map with hotspots of your city.

Digital guest list via QR Code

Guest Registration for COVID19 Tracing

Create your own contact tracing form with a QR Code to collect your customer's contact data.

The purpose of this tool is to help you with COVID19 contact tracing tasks and to follow the requirement of your local authorities. Digital guest lists are free and setup in less than 10 minutes. Save paper, be better organised, and stay safe.

1-time redeemable vouchers

1-time scannable QR Codes

Attract and retain your customers using 1-time redeemable QR Code vouchers. They just need to show the QR Code and you can redeem the code by a simple scan and give away a free coffee or 10% off the bill.

QR Code Trends 2020

QR Code Trends - COVID19

What is happening? Why are QR Codes hip again? Looking at the interest and usage of QR Codes, we see that COVID19 has brought an unprecedented impact on the awareness of QR Codes worldwide.