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QR Code Coupon

QR Code Coupon

Use QR Codes to redirect your prospects to a mobile coupon e.g. a free drink or a discount on their purchase. A coupon is easily created and will be displayed on the user's mobile phone right after scanning the QR Code. The prospect can save, redeem and re-open the coupon anytime in your shop again.

No 3rd-Party-Apps needed!

One-Time Redeemable Vouchers

You can create vouchers for a coupon that can only be redeemed once.

demo voucher

When a user opens the voucher, a redemption button is shown. If the user clicks on "Redeem", a QR Code is displayed that may be scanned at the point of sales by an employee.

As soon the QR Code has been scanned by an employee the voucher is redeemed. The voucher can be redeemed only once.

If the voucher is scanned a second time by an employee an error message will pop up showing the code and redeem date.

Any QR Code Reader on a mobile phone with Internet connection can securely redeem the voucher. You don't need any third-party hardware!

authorize device for voucher redemption

You can authorize devices which can redeem the voucher and thus avoid that the QR Code is redeemed by an unauthorized person.

Easy Coupon Creation

A coupon is created in just a few steps. Add a title, a description and an image and a QR code will be created that redirects to your voucher.

Edit Voucher Edit Coupon

Send Vouchers per Mail

MailChimp Integration

If you want to provide a coupon to a user when he subscribes to a MailChimp mailing list you can automatically do this by connecting MailChimp with our platform through a Webhook.

After a new user confirms his subscription in MailChimp he will receive a mail with a link to the voucher. There is no limit on how many users subscribe to your list, every new user will all receive a unique voucher.

Connect to Mailchimp Mailchimp Webhook for sending voucher

Send Vouchers to Mailinglist

You can embed unique redeemable QR Codes in any of your mail campaigns by using merge tags. Each user will receive an email with a unique QR Code that only he can redeem at the shop or restaurant. Learn more about how to setup you MailChimp here:

How to send vouchers to a mailing list tutorial

Outlook Mail Merge

Send unique vouchers to your mailing list in Outlook using mail merge.

Issuing Voucher on New Lead

You can automatically send vouchers to users when they register on a Lead Landing Page. Each email will get only one unique voucher. Unlimited users can register.

You can export the data of all registered users data to an Excel file.

Measure your Redeem Rate

If you run a coupon promotion you always see of how many unique visitors scanned the voucher and of how many of these redeemed the coupon. You will also get detailed information about your viral reach.

Show Stats Track voucher redeems

The viral reach includes the social networks the voucher has been shared and the number of references from social networks.

Social Metrics Social referers

Redeem Locations

You can additionally get the locations where your vouchers have been redeemed using the GPS tracking feature.

get redeem locations per gps

Set Validity Period

You can set how long a voucher is valid. Vouchers that are requested after their expiration date will show a message to inform the user that the voucher is expired.

If the voucher is redeemed more than the defined maximum number, a message will popup informing the user that the voucher quota is exhausted.

Notify on Redemption

If you activate this option, you will receive an instant e-mail notification with the date of redemption and information about the Smartphone that has redeemed the voucher.

Password Protection

Set an optional password that a business owner has to type in before a voucher may be redeemed.

voucher expired

Shareable with WhatsApp, Facebook & Co

With the integrated sharing function, the coupon can quickly spread through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Co.

With just one click the voucher will be shared on any social network which is impossible to achieve with conventional paper coupons!

Share Voucher through Whatsapp

Integration via EAN barcode in your POS system

You can assign the voucher to a EAN bar code that appears, when the voucher is redeemed by a visitor. Thus, your cashiers may scan the bar code at the POS and store the redemption directly in your POS system.

Optionally you can enable Webhooks that submit the EAN Code to your cash system.

Barcode EAN Voucher


With Webhooks you can send event based information to a customized URL. When an event e.g. VOUCHER_CREATED occurs, your given URL will be called (webhooked).

The URL is called as a POST request and sends additional parameters to your server:

event The name of the event occurred e.g. VOUCHER_CREATED, VOUCHER_REDEEMED
timestamp The time when the event occurred
user The user who created the voucher
code The short URL of the QR Code (Voucher).
ean code If the coupon is redeemable and an EAN barcode hasbeen set,
the EAN code is submitted.
uniqueid If the QR Code is a one-time redeemable coupon, the unique id of the voucher is returned. This is one of the unique ids when creating bulk QR Codes for a unique redeemable Voucher
Webhook coupon voucher

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