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SMS Alerts on QR Code Scan

If someone scans your QR code and you have the SMS notification feature enabled, an SMS with the scanning date, location and phone model is delivered immediately to your registered phone number.

You can create custom SMS templates (up to 160 characters), as shown in the figure on the right.


If you add a mobile number to a user in your account, make sure to apply the following rules:

  • the phone number must be a mobile number
  • the mobile number must start with your country code (no leading zeros)
  • the mobile number is not allowed to contain any special characters like - + ( ) #
If the number is not correctly formatted the gateway refuses to send an SMS.

qr code sms alert


Sms Gateway

10 U$

per month

The SMS Gateway enables you to send SMS that are delivered within a few seconds. The fee of 10 U$ / month is added on top of your monthly base fee.

Please Contact Us to enable your SMS gateway.


Sms Bundle

- U$

per 500 SMS

You can purchase SMS bundles of 500 pieces. Sending an SMS costs - cents per SMS in .


If you have your own SMS provider you can use Webhooks to trigger sending an SMS for example when a QR code is scanned.