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Upload your PDF document and create a PDF QR Code linked to your file. You can update your PDF anytime even after printing the QR Code.

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Recommended PDF size

For a good user experience, your PDF file should be under 15MB, as a slow Internet connection on a mobile device can lead to very long waiting times.

Optional password protection

You can optionally protect your PDF documents with a password. Only users who scan the QR Code and know the password can view the PDF file.

What is a PDF QR code?

A PDF QR Code is a QR Code that redirects you to a PDF file and the PDF can then be read directly on the smartphone. A PDF QR Code can be created using our QR Code Generator.

The QR code can be easily scanned with a smartphone using the built-in camera app and displays the PDF file on the user's screen. You can also customize the design of your QR Code to make it more visually appealing, especially if you want to use QR Codes for promotional purposes to generate more customer awareness.

qr code pdf und handy

How do I create a PDF QR Code?

Creating a PDF QR code is done in just 3 steps.

  1. Create a free account
  2. Click New QR Code and select PDF
  3. Upload a PDF file and click Generate QR Code


What is a QR Code and how do they work?

QR means "quick response" and QR Codes allow users quick and easy access to web pages, PDF files, videos, forms or other information.

A QR Code is an extended version of a barcode and can contain any text up to 4096 characters long.

QR Codes are created using a QR Code generator that encodes the information for a QR Code reader. The QR Codes can then be read with almost any smartphone that has an integrated camera.

Recently, QR Codes have been used effectively to provide quick and easy check-in at restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Can I replace the PDF file after I have printed the QR Code?

Yes. You can change the PDF file in dynamic QR Codes at any time without having to reprint the QR Code. So you can use the same QR Code. Just click on Replace PDF next to the QR Code and upload or select a new PDF file. This way you can continue working with the QR Code that you have already printed.

If I change the PDF of the QR Code, would the QR Code design change?

No. You can replace the PDF file of the QR Code and since the QR Code is a dynamic QR code, the design will not change and you don't have to print the QR Code again.

Yes. A PDF QR Code is a dynamic QR Code and you can change the target URL anytime. Follow the tutorial how to replace a PDF file with a link for more information.

Why is my PDF file not showing after scanning the QR Code?

Make sure the QR Code links to a PDF file that exists. Turn of the direct download of a PDF file for Android devices. Try to scan QR Code with native camera app instead with a 3rd party QR Code reader.

What is the optimal size of a PDF file for a QR Code?

PDF files with images can quickly become very large and therefore lead to long loading times. We recommend your PDF file to be less than 15 MB to have a good user experience when downloading the file.

How can I minify or compress a PDF file?

To minimize a PDF file there are many online services available. One possibility is the free service from I ❤ PDF or do a Google search.

What is the difference between a static QR code and dynamic QR code?

Static QR Codes have no expiration date, but unlike dynamic QR Codes, they cannot be changed after creation. Creating a dynamic PDF QR Code offers several advantages. Learn more about static and dynamic QR Codes.

Are there any other QR code types?

Yes, we offer a variety of different QR types. Look here: Create QR Codes now.

Benefits of using a PDF QR Code

Instant sharing

A PDF QR Code allows for instant sharing. All the information you want your audience to have is right at their fingertips.

PDF is editable after printing

While the link may need to stay the same, the PDF is editable and can be changed completely too. At any stage you can go back, edit the PDF with new information or even create a new one and upload it to the QR Code you created.

PDF QR Codes are super easy to maintain as well. If there are any mistakes or if specific information needs to be changed, it can be and you won’t lose access from QR Codes already printed and generated.

See who scans your PDF QR Code

Our service provides great QR Code Tracking ability and tools you can use in your marketing plan. Under the statistic section you will find a detailed overview or how and when your PDF QR Code was scanned. You can focus in on your target audience, get an understanding of unique visitors and referrals too.

Improve customer experience

Quality and speed are two huge factors in a great customer experience. If a customer can obtain all the information, they need quickly and easily plus be able to have access and store that information anywhere they need, you’ll be sure to get a five star or a happy review.

Digitise important documents

Instead of having to store hard copy documents or even keep important files on your computer, you can properly digitise them. This is a great way to both back up your documents and have instant and easy access to it. If the information is important or sensitive, then you can add access restrictions such as password protection.

Gain new customer data

You can also connect your PDF files to a lead form where the user must first enter certain data before receiving the PDF document. This gives your company the chance to collect valuable data about your customers.

8 smart ideas using QR Codes for PDF downloads

Instead of printing manuals and wasting paper, why don’t you put a sticker with a QR Code on your products like your furniture, electronic gadgets, groceries? This way, when your users need support or want to read the instructions manual they just have to scan the QR Code and the PDF file will start to download. Here are some ideas that will inspire you where you can support your customers with a PDF QR Code.

1. Digital menu for restaurantes and hotels

As an alternative to your menu card on paper, you can create a QR code that leads to a digital menu in PDF format.

You can even create a single QR Code linking to a multilingual menu. Just translate the menu, create a PDF file of each language and generate a multi-language QR Code. Your guests will be happy to select from the menu of your local food in their own language. A sticker on the table or a little board on the wall displaying your multilingual menu will make your customer’s experience even better.

2. Catalogs

Your company has a season catalog or a large brochure that you have already designed and printed thousands of copies to distribute in the real world. Why don’t you create a QR Code linking to this catalog in a PDF file instead?

You could even print stickers or postcards with the PDF QR Code and your call to action. Or place a large poster on the glass door when your shop is closed and link a QR Code to your catalog or latest offers.

Also, if some information (like price lists) becomes obsolete you can always send your users to the latest version of the catalog :)

QR Code PDF Catalogs

3. Book previews

PDF QR Codes help you to market your books. Instead of just filling the back cover with a brief synopsis, use a PDF QR code as well and direct your readers to a more comprehensive, more meaningful excerpt of the new book.

You can also set a link to a web shop in the PDF QR Code if the interested reader would like to buy your book at a later date.

QR Code PDF Books

4. Instructions manuals

Instruction manuals are those ugly, thick, multilingual, black and white booklets that your customers have already thrown away or miss them right when they actually need them..

You could very easily add a QR Code on the packaging (or even on their products) linking to a PDF with the manual. This will save lots of paper and avoid frustration when the user finally decides to read the manual.

With Call-2-Action Buttons you can not only provide a link to the PDF file, but also links to video tutorials, for example.

QR Code PDF Instructions Manual

5. Tourist guides

Attached to attractions or exhibits in museums, QR Codes provide a bridge to valuable information about the artworks.

Or on the back of a map, QR codes can lead to detailed descriptions of places worth seeing.

Offering tourists the possibility to download a PDF (in their own language) with useful info is also an interesting use case. Documents can be constantly updated and improved. No animals will be harmed and no paper will be wasted.

Another cool thing about downloading a PDF is that once it is downloaded it stays in your phone and you can check it out even without 3G. This becomes an interesting feature when you have no roaming or (best case scenario) no signal. This will mean you are really on holidays :)

QR Code PDF Tourist Guide

6. Magazines / Newspapers

Paper publications have lots of virtues that digital media will never have, however, they will always be limited in space and expensive to print and distribute.

If you publish a traditional magazine and you just need to save your latest issue in PDF format and you can grow your audience.

You can produce materials linking to the latest edition of your publication and place them in strategic places.

Did you know that you can also scan a QR Code with the camera of your iPad?

QR Code PDF Newspapers and Magazinez

7. Schools and education

Distributing paper copies among your students is a common practice for teachers and students at school and university.

Sharing documentation can be fast, easy and again, paperless if the teacher shares a QR Code linking to PDF documentation.

Probably drawing a QR Code on a blackboard using chalk won’t be an easy task, but QR Codes can very helpful in class ;)

QR Code PDF Homework

8. Presentation on conferences

To avoid filling a presentation with an overwhelming amount of information, you can embed your PDF QR Code into your slides or share it with whoever is watching. They can scan the QR Code and have all the information you provided during the conference/presentation or meeting.

QR Code conference