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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

„QR Planet GmbH“, Mariahilfer Straße 7/2, 1060 Vienna, Austria, hereinafter referred to as "contractor", attaches great importance to the stable operation and reliability of our QR Code platform as well as the server systems involved in general.

All server services are monitored by us automatically, so that our technicians become self-employed in case of occurring disturbances, in order to be able to eliminate errors fast.

For individual, non-global disruptions within a customer account, which are reported to us by the customer, we of course also ensure the fastest possible problem solving.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes information about:

  • the warranty accepted by the contractor
  • to secure the data
  • Performance adjustments to tariffs / packages
  • Tariff / packet switching


The Contractor warrants the provision of all services on the QR Code Platform in accordance with this Agreement. No liability is assumed for any errors that are based on:

  • force majeure
  • Interventions by third parties
  • Interventions of the customer
  • Modifications to the technical infrastructure of the customer
  • on the networks of broadcasting operators

The contractor guarantees an average annual availability of server services of 99.9%. Should this guaranteed availability not be achieved, the customer is entitled to a graduated reduction right:

Reachability Reduction law
< 99,9 % 10 %
< 99,8 % 20 %
< 99,5 % 50 %
< 99,0 % 100 %

The percentage reduction law refers to the monthly fees / charges. Fees for any additional services or individual services are not included. Scheduled maintenance for updates or security fixes do not count as downtime.


The contractor will create daily backups of all databases for a retention period of up to five calendar days for the free recovery of customer data in case of data loss caused by the contractor.

In addition, the contractor supports the customer in case of self-inflicted loss of data within the scope of the scope of services defined in the terms and conditions, and in particular checks the possibility of chargeable recovery of customer data from a database backup. The prices for such a restoration will be agreed upon with the customer.

Performance adjustments / fee changes

A change of the used package into a high-priced package is possible at any time free of charge. Prepaid amounts are adjusted to the billing period so that you will not be financially disadvantaged. However, the contract period starts from the time of the package change according to the new package as in a new order to run.

The contractor is also entitled to offer new customers packages that contain improved or different services than existing customers. A change to a same-price "new customer" package is possible according to the above conditions.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) was last updated on April 1st, 2021.