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  • The contact details in a static vCard QR Code cannot be changed after printing.
  • The more contact details you store, the more difficult it is to read the QR code.


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Create a free QR Code without registering in 3 steps

Step 1

Choose your QR type

Step 1 - Select your QR type.

Step 2

Customize your QR Code

Step 2 - Customize your QR code.

Step 3

Download your static QR Code

Step 3 - Download your static QR code.

100,000 customers from 197 countries

"Over 100,000 customers from 197 countries trust us worldwide."
– Peter Hlavac, Founder & Managing Director

White label QR code for agencies

White Label QR Code for Agencies

Our QR Code Generator is also available as a White Label platform. In the White Label QR Code Manager you can brand your account with your own logo and run it under your personal domain. This means that you are the provider, not us.

Our offer for agencies

Your benefits using QR Codes at a glance


Generate free QR Codes in various formats. You can also convert formats, for example, transforming PDFs into QR Codes.


You can create as many static QR Codes as you like without registering. With a free account, you can manage up to 4 static or dynamic QR Codes.


QR Codes don't have to be just black and white. You can create a colorful QR Code with your logo, and add color gradients or designs.


You can download all of your data at any time. If you want to switch to another provider, you will not be dependent on us.

QR Code

We track unique visitors, number of QR Code scans and device information. You always have an overview of how well your campaigns are performing with a GDPR compliant solution.

your subscription

Do you want to cancel or pause your account? Simply suspend your subscription and we will keep your QR Codes active for lifetime.

Create a QR Code for your custom application

The range of applications for QR Codes is particularly large. QR Planet therefore offers a wide selection of QR Code types for your marketing materials, your event, or private purposes. You can create the following QR types free of charge without registering:

Free QR code management

Free QR Code management

Register for a free account to create and manage your QR Codes. Get detailed analytics on who, where, and when your QR Codes are scanned. You can brand QR Codes with your own colors and logo.

Create a free account now

Advanced functions for registered users

Dynamic QR Codes

With dynamic QR Codes, you can change the target URL at any time afterward. 100 QR Code scans are possible per day with the free account.

Batch QR Codes

With the batch generator, you can create several QR Codes at once or upload them via a CSV file.

GPS tracking

With our sophisticated tracking system, the scan positions of QR Codes can be located using various techniques.


With the notification function for your QR Code, you will immediately receive an email with the location and scan date of the QR Code.


QR Codes and landing pages are secured daily. The URL runs via a secure HTTPS connection. You will receive an email if a URL is offline.

Vector format

Our QR Codes are available as RGB or CMYK in the vector formats SVG, EPS, or PDF and can be printed in any size.

Guaranteed QR Codes to be compliant with the GDPR

QR Planet is completely GDPR compliant. We do not process or store any personal data without the user's consent. You can set different levels of data protection and anonymization depending on the legal framework of your market. We also apply the data protection standards of the GDPR not only to personal data within the EU, but to all data.

More about GDPR compliant QR Codes

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Areas of QR Code applications

QR Codes offer a quick and easy way to connect physical objects with digital content. Below you can see some of the areas of application for QR Codes. We also give you useful tips on how to effectively use QR Codes in various media to achieve your aims.

Create a QR Code Business Card

Business cards with a QR Code

You can share contact details via the QR Code, because a QR Code on your business card can lead to a digital business card (vCard) that allows others to easily save your contact details without having to type everything in themselves.

Tip: Link to an online presence that highlights your work or portfolio to give prospective interested parties a quick overview of your services.

Free digital business card

QR code for events

QR Code for events

QR Codes on name badges or in event documents can lead to digital contact lists or LinkedIn profiles. This makes networking easier.

Tip: Use QR Codes to provide participants with access to resources such as presentations, further materials, and exclusive content.

QR Code for events

QR code on flyers and brochures

QR Code on flyers and brochures

Place QR Codes on flyers and brochures to direct potential customers straight to your website, a special landing page, or a registration form.

Tip: Use QR Codes to direct interested parties to interactive content such as videos, surveys, or competitions that increase engagement.

Create a dynamic QR Code

QR Codes and landing pages

Digital marketing for your company becomes easier, more convenient, and more scalable with QR Codes. In addition to the QR Code, you can create mobile-friendly landing pages that your visitors land on when they scan the code.


Shopping with a QR Code

Digital business cards

Provide your landing page with your own call-to-action buttons to make it even easier and more convenient for your target group to carry out the desired actions (download, call, navigate, etc.).

Landing page examples

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ page or use the chatbot.

Are QR Codes for free?

Yes, QR Codes created on our website can be used free of charge and commercially. You can create as many QR codes as you want and they do not expire.

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Which QR Codes can I create?

You can create various types of QR codes depending on the information you want to encode and the functionality you need. Common types of static QR codes are URL, Wi-Fi, vCard, SMS, email, geo-location, event, cryptocurrency, phone call, plain text, or dynamic QR codes, each serving different purposes.

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How secure are QR Codes?

QR codes themselves are not inherently secure; their security depends on how they are used. Risks include phishing and data transparency issues. Enhanced security can be achieved through careful URL management and user awareness.

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What storage capacity does a QR Code have?

QR codes can store up to 7,089 numeric characters, 4,296 alphanumeric, 2,953 bytes, or 1,817 Kanji characters, with capacity depending on the version and error correction level.

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How do I change the URL in a dynamic QR Code?

The biggest advantage of a dynamic QR code is that you can change the destination URL without having to print it again. Log in to your account, edit the URL in your dashboard and set the new destination.

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Will my QR Codes expire?

Static QR Codes created with our service never expire. Dynamic QR Codes in free accounts do not expire if they are scanned less than 100 times per day. QR Codes in paid accounts stay active for lifetime under different conditions.

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What is the minimum size of a QR Code?

We recommend a minimum size of 2 x 2 cm for a QR Code. However, you must consider the scanning distance and the number of characters encoded in the QR Code.

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Is a QR Code still readable when some areas of are damaged or missing?

In general, yes. It depends on the error correction level, that is set when creating a QR Code. The higher the level, the more of the QR code can be damaged.

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What should I pay attention to after creating the QR Code?

Test the readability of the QR code. Make sure the QR code is clearly visible. Pay attention to size and placement. Check the security of the underlying URL. Choose an appropriate error correction level. Use tracking and scan capabilities. Consider whether the URL in the QR Code should be updated after printing.

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How can I scan a QR Code without an app?

You can scan QR Codes without a special app by using your smartphone's built-in camera function, using web-based services such as, or using built-in scanner features on some social media.

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