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Lead Generation with QR Codes

Use QR Codes for lead generation and list building by creating forms where you can collect user contact information. In return a reward like a voucher or an e-book will be sent to the e-mail address of the new lead.

QR Code lead Generation

Lead Forms

In the form creator you can design a lead form in which the user must fill in his name, e-mail or any custom text fields.


In return, after depositing his data, the user will receive an e-mail containing a reward. This may include a PDF book, coupon, music video or any other digital product. You can choose between the reward types Reward Link and Reward Voucher:

Reward Link

Just enter a link that the lead will receive by e-mail as soon as it has completed the form.

email reward link

Reward Voucher

Or link a voucher with the form, which will be sent to the lead at its registered email address.

voucher reward

List Building

Lead Export

leads download

Anytime during your list building process, you can export your leads. The submitted form data is available under the menu item "Leads". You can export the list as an Excel file or query the leads via the API.


E-Mail Benachrichtigung bei lead

When you enable New-Leads-Notification, you will receive an email with the contact data when a new lead is added to your list.

External List Building with Webhooks

Every time a new lead is created you can fire a Webhook. So your leads can be exported to another server or list e.g. subscribe to a Mailchimp list.

Autofill Form

You can have the form pre-filled with data when the QR code is scanned. Simply create a QR code that contains the desired data as a parameter and forwards it to the lead form. The example shows a QR code that has already encoded the email, name and room number and transfers the data to the form. The parameter name always corresponds to the name of the input field in the form.

[email protected]&room=11

You can automatically create multiple QR Codes via a CSV file, which contains the links with the corresponding parameters, which should be pre-filled in the form.

GDPR / CCPA compliant

Data retention period

You determine how long the data you receive from your customers should be cached by us. You can optionally set a period for how many days the data should be kept.

If you are concerned about GDPR or CCPA set the value to -1 and no leads will be stored on our server. Use webhooks to forward the leads or enable the email notification on a new lead to receive the data.

Positive Opt-In

When a user sends personal information, you must request his consent, which is when he or she gives a statement of intent, i.e. the user marks the checkbox. Pre-checked boxes that use customer inaction to assume consent are not valid under GDPR. You can optionally specify how many days the customer data should be saved.

Positive Opt-Ins

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