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QR Interview - David Monreal, Infojobs

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QR Interview - David Monreal, Infojobs

Within the QR Interviews series, quick response interviews, today we present the case of and its brave bet on QR Codes.

David Monreal, Head of Innovation at Infojobs

How are you using QR Codes in your company?

At InfoJobs we are learning how QR Codes work and what they can be useful for our users. In that learning process we have used QR Codes to make it easier for our companies that have stores or establishments to recruit personnel. The companies could print their offers with a QR Code. In this way, for example, a supermarket could put the typical "staff wanted" sign on the door with a QR Code that sends the candidate to the InfoJobs offer where he/she can register.

What are your goals when using QR Codes?

We had two objectives: the first was to learn, to approach this tool. The second objective was to make it easier for our companies to recruit personnel from the vicinity of their premises.

Have you measured the impact and can you evaluate your outcome?

The first objective has been more than achieved: we now know the tool much better and we believe we can get much more out of it. As for the use by our users, we are still waiting to apply the improvements to the first version.

Do you have any upcoming projects that include QR Codes?

The project of printing offers with QR Code still has a long way to go, we want to perfect it. Of course, now that we know the tool better we are much more open to include QR Codes in other projects.

Do you think QR Codes are a fad or do they have a long-term future?

We believe that QR Codes will evolve. The links between the offline and online worlds will become more and more numerous and technologies that link them will become more and more important.

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