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  • The more contact details you store, the more difficult it is to read the QR code.


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Create your free website with all your social media profiles

What is a Social Media QR Code?

A Social Media QR Code is a QR Code that leads you to a single page containing links to all your social media profiles. For example, you can add your Facebook account, your Instagram profile or any other professional network like LinkedIn.1

QR Codes in mugs and books
Place them anywhere

Where can I use Social QR Codes?

An easy way to get more followers for your social networks is to use Social QR Codes. Place them on your folders, your products or in your shopping window to give people the opportunity to like you on Facebook or follow you on Instagram or Twitter.

  • Packaging, leaflets, on-screen
  • Glassdoors, billboards, magazine ads
  • T-shirts, mugs, apparels

Best Social Media QR Code practices

Use a multi-link QR code and get a single place for all your profiles

Link to all of your social media profiles

If you’re a social media marketer, an influencer or an individual doing some form of business or activist online, then a Social Media QR Code is your chance to link all of your social media pages and have them easily accessible to all.

Use ourSocial QR code to present all your channels to your single-channel followers

Increase your followers or likes

Having a QR Code to share your social media profiles can increase how many likes, shares or followers you can get in a short period of time. How?

Well, you can create a crossover between platforms. Your QR Code can get your Twitter followers to follow you on Instagram or your TikTok followers to follow you on Pinterest or YouTube and so on.

Include a Social QR code in your bussiness card and promote your profiles while keeping direct contact information restricted

Social media business cards

Instead of using a vCard or a digital business card, you can simply print your Social Media QR Code onto your existing business card designs. This way you can share both important contact information and your social media links in one hit.

Optimize your engaement strategy with a single place for all your profiles

Social media marketing tool

Your QR Code could become your most valuable marketing asset and all you have to do is create one and share it. By making a personal QR Code with qrplanet.com, you can also create an engaging landing page that people want to interact with.

Creating dynamic QR Codes which has all of your social media platform links in one place is the best way for social media marketing.

Sell from your profiles with the help of our Social QR code

Online shopping and e-commerce

You can use your Social Media QR Code to drive potential customers to your profiles where they can see all your advertised products and services, and even get a direct link to your e-commerce storefront. Facebook and Instagram now have the ability to allow people to shop straight from your profile.


Incentive to share

The amount of interaction your QR Code receives can easily be tracked when you create a QR Code with our online QR Code Generator. You can set up a rewards system, discount competition or giveaway based on whether your followers share your page and how many times.

Which social channels can I display with a Social Media QR Code?

Choose between a QR Code with all social media channels or a QR Code for a specific one

You can decide whether you want to display all your social media profiles on a mobile landing page or whether you only need a QR Code for a specific social media channel. This way you have full power and control over which of your social media channels you want to display in a QR Code.

Instagram QR Code

Instagram QR Code

Facebook QR Code

Facebook QR Code

Linkedin QR Code

Linkedin QR Code

Twitter X QR Code

Twitter X QR Code

Pinterest QR Code

Pinterest QR Code

Snapchat QR Code

Snapchat QR Code

Tiktok QR Code

Tiktok QR Code

Twitch QR Code

Twitch QR Code

Mastodon QR Code

tumblr QR Code

Vimeo QR Code

Vimeo QR Code

Google Maps QR Code

Google Maps QR Code

Youtube QR Code

Youtube QR Code

Line Messenger QR Code

Line Messenger QR Code

Google Reviews QR Code

Yelp QR Code

Tripadvisor QR Code

Telegram QR Code

Telegram QR Code

vKontakte QR Code

vKontakte QR Code

Skype QR Code

Skype QR Code

WeChat QR Code

WeChat QR Code

Soundcloud QR Code

Soundcloud QR Code

Spotify QR Code

Flickr QR Code

Reddit QR Code

Slack QR Codes

Amazon QR Codes


Social Networks

Get a multi-url link for all your social media and contact channels

Link to your social media profiles and add buttons to your website, web store, or add contact options such as phone number or email.

Share it anywhere

Include it in your printed and digital materials and let the code do the work for you

Easily share your QR Code or place it in your email signature, business cards or other marketing platforms.

No qrplanet.com Branding

Our brand qrplanet.com does not appear in our paid plans

Our logo that is displayed in the footer of QR Code landing pages for social media will be removed in all paid plans.

Custom Branding

You can fully personalize the multi-link landing page

Upload your own image, logo and favicon to customize your Social Media QR Code landing page. Embed any CSS code.


Create your templates and apply them with a click

With your own CSS templates, you can make your social media landing page even more individual.

Embed Multimedia

You can also embed multimedia files to get a cooler landing page

Using a social QR Code, you can link directly to multimedia content on your landing page, such as YouTube videos.

100% GDPR & CCPA compliant

GDPR Alt tag -EN

Our Solutions and Landing Pages are prepared for your campaigns to strictly comply with the CCPA and GDPR. We do not process or store personal data without the user's consent and you can define different levels of privacy and anonymization according to the regulatory framework of your market.

All our servers and datacenter are based in Germany (Falkenstein and Nuremberg).

Why do I need a Social Media QR Code?

There are many reasons why you might need a Social Media QR Code. Here are a few examples:

Use only a single QR code instead of separate codes for each channel

More space

Using just one QR Code can minimise the space that would otherwise be taken up by multiple codes for different platforms. If your social media also has other details such as contact information or business directions, you could be saving even more space on your flyers, brochures, business cards or catalogues.

You don

More ways to connect

Not all of your target audience will have a Facebook profile, and not all of them will have a Twitter account. By having links to all of your platforms in one place you’re giving your audience an opportunity to connect with you through different channels. They can choose their preferred social media channels to connect with you.

Be ahead of your competitors and be the first to promote all your networks with a single scan.

Get ahead of the competition

Many businesses often stick to using one or two of the big networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. It can be hard for businesses sometimes to keep track of more than one or two platforms.

When you use a Social Media QR Code you can not only have all your platforms in one place for people to find your brand, you can easily spread word of your products and services to more people. Why? Because you’re using more than one platform and can direct followers to whichever social media site they’re comfortable using.

Use your QR codes in printed materials and on screen
Think big. Sky is the limit.

The chance to use print or digital

A Social Media QR Code is very versatile, you can use it for both digital and print material. You can print the QR Code onto your business card, an advertising sign, pretty much anything you can think of for more for people to scan.

Digitally, you can add the QR Code URL to your email signatures, social media posts and more. Moreover, you can also place your digital QR Code onto your website, make it your social media profile picture or have it on your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn cover image.

What are the benefits of using a Social Media QR Code?

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Being able to make all of your social media pages available for access with one scan.
  • Saving time and effort for you and your followers on social media pages, as they don’t have to search for each of your channels.
  • Sharing direct access to your social media profiles to anyone who sees your marketing material.
  • The chance to promote and advertise your social media platforms.
  • Being able to reach out to people all over the globe with more ease than ever before.
  • Increasing the number of followers, likes, or subscribers on your social media accounts.
  • Giving your audience the option to follow you on their favourite platform.
  • Easy to navigate reporting to track every scan (and use the data to better your social media marketing)
Create a direct communication channel with your Facebook Messenger QR Code
Tweet, retweet or follow automatically with a QR code
Get Facebook followers from your code
Personalize your QR code to target your Tik Tok audience

Examples of Social Media QR Codes


Get more Instagram followers

Create a QR Code for your instagram profile to get more followers. Remember that your QR Codes are less likely to be scanned, if you don’t clearly communicate what happens after scanning the QR Code. Offer an incentive or write a call-2-action e.g. Follow Me under the QR Code.

Scan to see how easy is to get new Istagram followers

Get fans on Facebook

With a Facebook QR Code you can link the user to your Facebook site. The magic thing about those QR Codes is that they automatically check, if the Facebook App is installed on the mobile device. If so, the Facebook Page is opened directly in the App. If not, the page will be viewed in the web browser of the mobile device.

Scan the code and follow us!
X - Twitter

Twitter Profile and Tweeting

With a Twitter QR Code you can redirect users to your Twitter profile to gain new followers or encode a message in the QR Code that people can tweet after scanning the code.

Scan to launch a premade tweet

Build your YouTube audience

Link to a video or your YouTube Channel. Caution, scanning the QR Code below will rickroll you.

Scan the code... and don

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