Monitor the heartbeat of our infrastructure

This section offers real-time insights and KPI of our services performance and operational status, ensuring the highest availability for your campaigns and reach their full potential. It places control and transparency directly in the hands of our users.

Uptime Status

All our services at the various locations are continuously monitored for availability by Statuscake, a real-time monitoring system. We have been offering our customers an uptime of > 99.9% since 2012.

Portal status (last 7 days)

Global Ping Status

The following figures illustrate how long a Ping from different regions takes in milliseconds [ms] to our servers forth and backwards.


≈25 ms


≈251 ms


≈134 ms

Data security and Integrity

SSL Certificate

All connections and communication between your devices and our servers are encrypted by using an SSL certificate signed by Let's Encrypt, Google Trust Services or your own certificate.

Data Encryption

Sensitive data like passwords, payment information or personal data such as IP addresses are stored encrypted in the database and cannot be read in plain text.


We create daily backups of all databases in 3 different locations with a retention period of up to 30 calendar days for the immediate recovery of data loss caused by us.


Servers and IT infrastructure

Global presence of our server infrastructure
  •  Datacenters - Our data centers are located in Germany with headquarters in Nuremberg and a failover system in Falkenstein, as well as an additional backup system in Finland.
  • CDN - Customers outside the European Union are integrated into a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). This guarantees optimal loading speeds when your QR codes are accessed and improves the user experience worldwide.

Data center

All our datacenters are equipped with emergency power systems, precision air conditioning and humidity control, early fire detection, gas fire extinguishing system and biometric access control.


What hardware do your servers run on?

Our Hetzner cloud servers run on Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPUs, AMD EPYC CPUs and Ampere® Altra® CPUs. We use NVMe SSDs for local storage.

Which hypervisor and which network card/hard disk drivers do you use?

We use KVM as our hypervisor. We use Virtio for virtual NICs and hard disks.

What type of connection do the instances have?

The host systems for our cloud instances all have a redundant 10 Gbit connection. Your data can be accessed externally with up to 500 Mbits.

DDoS Protection

We have optimal protection against outside attacks.

  • Internal DDoS protection at Hetzner (Layer 4)
  • Upstream DDoS protection from Cloudflare (Layer 7) in the event of an attack.

All measures that we take to protect your data can be found under Technical Organizational Measures and on our information page on the General Data Protection Regulation.


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