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QR codes in Telefónica campaign :)

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QR codes in Telefónica campaign :)

We see in a phone booth a "movistar imagenio" campaign that uses QR codes to access a promotion

Since we started this blog 4 years ago we have been asked repeatedly about bidi's. "#Hoyga, is this QR-Code thing the same as bidi's?". The answer "no."

We have never dared to evaluate Telefónica's strategy (because we do not have all the information, objectives or strategies behind the BIDI) although "common sense" always led us to doubt that a closed code system would be imposed as a standard

If that were to happen, and that is what we believe blinded Telefónica's management, the owner of the codes would make money for each code generated. Desirable? yes, realistic? not so much.

QR codes, combined with the possibilities offered by the Internet on cell phones, open up a field of play where the products and business models are still to be defined, but judging by this movistar campaign, it seems that they do not involve the use of the closed bidi code system (EZCode)

We have been exploring this area since 2007, we have ideas and we continue to believe in an open source scenario. Is anyone else on board with QR codes?

We have ideas and we continue to believe in an open source scenario

Last update 1 year ago