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APLI goes for QR Codes in Spain

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APLI goes for QR Codes in Spain

APLI is the leading company on the Spanish market in manufacturing labels and stationery articles, the have distribution of its products in +85 countries. Xavier Olivares, Innovation Responsible, contacted us in order to start a joint-action and finally the product is out in the market. There are +200.000 APLI boxes with QR Codes!

The project consisted in including a QR Code linking to a demo-video in one of the APLI products (mailng-express labels) so consumers can watch in for instructional purposes or act as a sales tool.

We do believe thid asset has lots of potential and that video-demos are just one out of the many applications Consumer+Packaging+Internet (mobile of course).

The pedagogy (or call it in this case evangelization) about QR Codes, what are they and how to read them is available on APLI's website where user can play around and generate their own codes too. The Labs are meant to be an innovation and communication platform where APLI can show beta products and openly share/think about the future.

We celebrate this first joint project APLI and QR Planet knowing it will not be the last one.

Thank you Xavi… Sometimes we need fools that believe in other fools.

Last update 1 year ago