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First QR Code in a newspaper

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First QR Code in a newspaper

We published today the first QR Code in a Spanish newspaper. 

If you want to know more about this type of 2D codes we recommend you to read this blog, visit our site or check Wikipedia’s definition.

Yes, we have published the first QR Code in a Spanish newspaper

Why have we done it? No reason. We just wanted to be the first ones and we wanted you to discover them with us.

Why “Tonto el que lo lea” (the one who reads this is dumb)? We wrote this "joke" because it is the only thing we can do far. It is the only usage you can give to a communication system when only a few have access to it. Graham Bell, a telephone pioneer, said to his assistant in their first conversation: “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you”. And he was next door!

We are positive, it was the first QR Code ever published in Spain, however, we are not sure if we were the first ones in Europe too. If a reader has any information or evidence of previous QR Codes we will be happy to share them here too.

See original PDF, September, 22, 2007

Last update 1 year ago