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Here you can find lots of interesting blog posts about the use of QR codes

QR Codes in Pokemon Sun Moon - Nintendo DS

The Pokemon Sun Moon game for Nintendo DS has introduced the ability to activate characters in the game via QR codes

Fun and Curious 02/21/17 1 Minute
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QR Codes go to School

Industries with less resources often depend on the passion, dedication and imagination of their professionals. The case of education is unfortunately a perfect example.

Fun and Curious 11/07/16 1 Minute
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Late Night with Stephen Colbert shows a QR code on TV

We recently saw Stpehen Colbert showing a QR linking to his tumbler account

Fun and Curious 05/06/16 1 Minute
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A Human QR Code reader

One of the challenges in the TV Show “Incredibles” Antena 3 (Spain) was set by a human that can interpret QR-Codes at a glance.

Fun and Curious 05/25/13 1 Minute
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The world's largest QR code

The world's largest QR code so far and the making of. With more than 1300 plates it was built in Toronto

Fun and Curious 06/18/12 1 Minute
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More QR codes in La Vanguardia

Today's innovative column by Jaime Serra is titled Quick Repsonse

Fun and Curious 07/24/11 1 Minute
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Creative CV. Talking QR

Victor Petit publishes his CV in a vimeo video and although it seems unbelievable, he is looking for a job. We won't explain more, you have to watch it

Fun and Curious 05/25/11 1 Minute
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QR Codes in Buenafuente!

It's official, QRs are cool. Yesterday on Buenafuente, Berto and Ana Morgade took out and drank from a mug with QR codes

Fun and Curious 04/20/11 1 Minute
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QR Codes at CSI NY

Detective Danny Messer does quite a clear statement on what a QR-Code is:“So the software on the phone converts the code into a web address”.

Fun and Curious 12/09/08 1 Minute
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First QR Code in a newspaper

Yes, we have published the first QR Code in Spain. We wanted to be the first ones and we wanted you to discover them with us.

Fun and Curious 09/22/07 1 Minute
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Edible QR codes

Japanese company Hertz has launched its service/product

Fun and Curious 09/16/07 1 Minute
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First giant QR code in London

One of the first giant QR codes is placed in London to promote the DVD 28 weeks later

Fun and Curious 09/05/07 1 Minute
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1st Post

We activated this blog yesterday and here we go with our 1st post. We believe that QR Code boom is soon to come

Fun and Curious 07/06/07 1 Minute
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