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Invite to a Whatsapp group with a QR code

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Invite to a Whatsapp group with a QR code

The social dimension of Whatsapp is gaining importance day by day and it is becoming more than just a messaging service

Its ease of use, integration with our address book, its mobile-first vocation, free of charge and the total absence of advertising have made it the reference App for communication worldwide

"Whatsapp groups" are channeling instant communication and file sharing (photos, audio and video) from our various environments on a day-to-day basis.

We discovered, thanks to Antonio, the link to lifehacker in which they present an interesting new feature in this field. From the next version it will be possible to invite people to a Whatsapp group via a link or QR code.

How to create a QR code for a Whatsapp group

The operation is simple: if you are the creator of a Whatsapp group you can invite users to it by creating a URL that you can share on social networks, send by email or by creating a QR code

QR Code to invite to Whatsapp groups
QR Code to invite to Whatsapp groups

Of course, you can also use the URL to create your own dynamic QR code and/or with your own design

In all actions/scenarios where we seek to create a link between the real/physical world and the virtual/digital world, QR codes are excellent allies

Last update 9 months ago