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Tesco - Disruptive innovation with QR codes

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Tesco - Disruptive innovation with QR codes

Today we show one of the most radically innovative uses of QR codes. The following video shows how new Tesco's new "printed supermarket" works.

The different variations in the use of QR Codes that we are seeing lately (business cards, redirection applications, statistics, etc ...) are evolutionary innovations in the use of QR Codes. We believe that the case of TESCO is particularly interesting because it not only involves an advanced use of QR but also a disruptive innovation in terms of daily shopping

For those who ask about m-commerce, here is an example. Anyone up for it?

The campaign is a smart communication action because capturing QR codes on the subway is not the most convenient way to make the purchase and one can even think it is a stunt. If Tesco has a website and/or a mobile website prepared for this purpose, the most convenient way is to buy directly from the smartphone

In any case, Tesco demonstrated an interesting possibility to generate shopping activations directly on the mobile via QR code.

Sellers of tickets, books, audio, etc. using QR codes may have some joy in the future

Last update 1 year ago