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Is it possible that you sign our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) contract?

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Due to the high number of users on our portal, we are unfortunately unable to sign individual DPA contracts that you send us.

We have set up a standard DPA contract for you.

By opening a paid account, we automatically create a DPA with your and our contact information. You can conclude the contract online and receive it as a PDF document for download.

Our DPA contains in the appendix all the necessary prerequisites, that a GDPR compliant use of our service is possible. Appendix 1 contains our security concept and the technical organizational measures (TOMs) which include the data protection concept, availability control, input control and access control. Appendix 2 shows our subprocessors, which we will inform you about if a new external data processor is added.

You do not have to send us the DPA. The DPA serves for your safety that we as a partner are GDPR compliant and you can present the contract in the event of an inspection by the GDPR-authority.

Last update 1 year ago