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Firewall: NS_ERROR

If you get a NS_ERROR in your Firefox browser it might be the case that you are blocked by our firewall.

Last update 6 months ago

User enumeration

User enumeration gives a better user experience when a user forgets his password. Hackers will be blocked by rate limiting.

Last update 10 months ago

Are you ISO 27001:2013 Certified?

We operate in an ISO-27001-certified data center, we are GDPR compliant, we are doing pen tests and our technical and organizational measures ensure a secure usage of our service.

Last update 1 week ago

What personal data do you collect during QR Code Tracking and is this GDPR compliant?

The tracking process itself does not store any personal data. We collect country, city, scan time and date, model, brand and the anonymized IP for each scan.

Last update 1 week ago

Is your service guaranteed free of advertising?

Yes! Our service is free of any kind of advertising. Beware of 3rd party QR Code scanners that might display ad banners. Use the internal camera app instead.

Last update 1 year ago

Do you have access to my personal data I have created?

Yes, we can see the data you have created. We must be able to see the data, if the data has to be forwarded to authorities due to criminal relevance.

Last update 1 year ago

Is your service GDPR and CCPA compliant?

Yes, our platform is 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant. You can find out more on our GDPR page.

Last update 1 year ago

Do you use Google Fonts?

Yes. We use Google fonts, but they are hosted on our servers. So when you visit our homepage there are no requests made to Google servers from your browser.

Last update 1 year ago

Is it possible that you sign our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) contract?

Due to the high number of users on our portal, we are unfortunately unable to sign individual DPA contracts that you send us. We have a standard DPA contract.

Last update 1 year ago

What is your guaranteed RTO and RPO values for the service offered by each recovery strategy?

The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is 1 hour and the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is 12 hours.

Last update 1 year ago

Do I have to sign the DPA and return it to you?

No. The DPA serves to ensure that we as a partner are GDPR compliant and that you can present the contract to the GDPR authority upon request.

Last update 1 year ago

Which algorithm is used to encrypt my password?

We use the b-crypt algorithm with a random generated salt to encrypt the passwords.

Last update 1 year ago