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Who are your references?

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Here is a list of references from our customers. We are in business since 2011 and have loyal customers from our beginnings until today.

We have big names from health, pharmaceutical, grocery and package industries, who are using our QR Codes for product packaging. Agencies book our white label platform to provide QR Code solutions to their clients from fashion industry to banking. We provide services to companies with critical infrastructure, such as network operators. Our platform is regularly checked for security and stability.

And there is NO host hostage! By using our White Label QR Code Manager with your custom domain you are always in control of your QR Codes and we have an easy backup feature that allows you to move to another QR Code provider anytime.

By being a customer with us for more than one year enables you to keep your QR Codes alive, even if you cancel your subscription and you have no pending invoices.

Last update 1 year ago