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Why should I use your QR Code platform?

We provide a secure and reliable QR Code platform. No Ads. No Host Hostage. 99,95% Uptime.

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Why should I use your QR Code platform?

Over ten years of experience and growing...

We want to make sure that you feel comfortable choosing our service. When you decide to work with us, we can ensure you that we are a reliable business partner with over ten years of experience. We want to minify your concerns and that's why we have prepared this post to show you the most common questions we are being asked.

We are not displaying ads

When creating trackable dynamic QR Codes on our platform, it would be technically very easy to show banners or display an ad before redirecting the user to actual landing page. There are many vendors who use this business model – We don’t! No matter if you are a free or paying customer, you will never see any ads.

Please be aware that many QR Code Readers are placing ads directly in the App. Those ads have nothing to do with us!

We provide >99,95 Uptime

In theory it could happen that our servers are down and that someone scans a QR Code right in that moment. As a result, the user would not be redirect to the original website.

We are constantly monitoring our servers and we are proud to have an uptime way greater than 99,95%. In other words: the probability that a QR Code redirect gets lost in nirvana is less than 1:13 million using our service.

QR Codes do not expire

Your QR Codes NEVER expire nor they are deleted by us. Whether they are created using a free or paid account – as long as you do not delete the QR Code by yourself, they will continue to work. Even if you terminate a paid account after one year, the QR Codes continue to be fully functional upon request.

We support instant failover

Our whole infrastructure exists on 2 physical locations. We sync your data using ZFS technology every 15 minutes to a second location. In the very unlikely case our main location goes offline, a failover to our second location is done instantly.

We are secure

We provide two-factor authentication to secure your account from unwanted access. We also do regular penetration tests to ensure there are no security holes. Our servers are always uptodate with the latest patches and software releases.

We regularly check your QR codes. If the target address of a QR code is no longer available, our Link Monitor will automatically inform you by email. You can then point the target address of your dynamic QR code to another URL.

We backup your data

Our geo-location-based tracking system for QR Codes records thousands of datasets every day. A backup of this data is generated every day and stored on a secure location in our datacentre.

If you are a customer who subscribed to one of our plans, your data is always safe. We do not store any sensitive credit card information. This is done by our payment service provider, who is ISO-certified and PCI-DDS compliant. All sensitive communication is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL certificate.

Our service is scalable

Our servers are cape able to manage thousands of parallel connections. In case it gets even more “busy” our cloud-based server infrastructure adds additional computation power and memory depending on the traffic.

We do not share your data

We do not share your data with any third party providers. All your data is kept on our server centers in Austria and is not moved outside Europe.

We are GDPR / CCPA compliant

Our platform is 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant. You can find out more on our GDPR page. We do not store any personal data until we get consent of the user. IP addresses are anonymized and cannot be associated to an individual person. Our server centers are based in Germany in the cities Nürnberg and Falkenstein.

Our QR Codes work even when we shut down our service for white label customers

It depends on your plan. We launched our company 2011, we are a profitable business, and we are growing. In the unlikely case that we shut down one day, all created QR Codes with free, premium or starter plans will not work anymore.

In case you are using our white label plan you will create QR Codes under your domain name. You can always use the backup feature in the account section to get all your QR Code data in CSV format and landing pages in static HTML. You will even find a code snippet for a basic URL forwarder there. So, you can continue to run your campaigns on different platforms.

There is no host hostage, and you can always change to another provider.

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