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What is a call-2-action (C2A) button?

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What is a call-2-action (C2A) button?

Call-2-action buttons may be placed on a landing page to offer a user a specific action that will be triggered when the button is pressed. There are various use cases for you to use call-2-action buttons.


Initiate a call

An example is to show a "Call Now" button on a QR Code Business Card that allows the user to initiate a call to the owner of the business.

Call-2-Action Button Initiate a call
The C2A Call Now initiates a call to the company

Add a contact

In the figure above you also see a call-2-action button to add a contact to the address book of your smartphone. This makes sharing your contact details super easy. You can enable this option in the business card editor by switching on the Add to contacts option.

Enable Add to contacts for download contact to address book
Enable Add to contacts for download contact to address book

Another approach is to copy the vCard Link from the Options menu of the business card and paste the link in the URL field of a call-2-action button.

vCard Link for directly downloading contact
vCard Link for directly downloading contact

Download a PDF

When you are a restaurant owner you can create a PDF QR Code where a user can view your digital menu online by clicking on View PDF.

Call-2-Action Button download pdf menu
The C2A View PDF initiates a PDF download for a digital menu

Send an e-mail

You can setup a C2A to send an email to a user e.g. send your contact data as a vCard.

Call-2-Action Button to email contact
The C2A Send business card initiates sending contact data to an e-mail

Go to a website

A simple call-2-action is just to animate the user to visit your website for more information when he is on a specific landing page.

Call-2-Action Button to go to a website
The C2A Visit our Website is just a hyperlink to a website

Start a WhatsApp chat

A very useful function is to initiate a WhatsApp chat, for example if you want to give users support when they have a question about your service.

Call-2-Action Whatsapp chat
This Call-2-Action starts a Whatsapp conversation

Play a video

You can play a video file or link to a Youtube/Vimeo when a C2A is clicked. On business cards and custom landing pages you can even embed the video.

Call-2-Action button - Play video
This Call-2-Action will play a video

How do I create a call-2-action button?

1. Login

Log in to your account. You can create call-2-action buttons for landing pages in all our plans.


Login Form

2. Create a Landing Page

Call-2-action buttons can be used on any landing page. In this example we will choose QR Code Business Card

Landingpage types digital menu, business card and coupon
A list of landing page types to choose from

3. Go to the section Call-2-Action

Now go to the Call-2-Action Button section and click on Add to create your first C2A-button.

Tabs of landing page editor with call-2-action tab expanded
Call-2-Action section expanded to create a button

4. Edit your button

C2A Button editor
Edit your Call-2-Action button

Create a caption

This is the most crucial step. You need to create a caption that explains the user exactly what the button will do e.g. Download Menu or Call our support. You need to motivate him with a reward otherwise he will not click the button.

This is the action itself. It can be a link to a website using the https protocol or you can also use other protocols like whatsapp, sms, tel. We will describe the possibilities in detail below.

Choose your text and background color

Each call-2-action-button can have its own colors. You can set a custom text and background color.

Select an optional icon

To make your C2A-buttons more appealing you can use custom icons that also give users a hint what the C2A is about like viewing, buying, sharing, calling and much more...


To link to a website simply add a label for the button and the link to your website.


When you want to send an email to a specific address with a given subject and body you can add a call-2-action button with the following URL (to set a new line in the body of the message simple use a %0A sign)

mailto:[email protected]?subject=Inquiry&body=Please send me more%0AHave a great day!

Telephone number

You can initiate a call by placing a number in the URL of the call-2-action button e.g.



You can initiate a SMS with a number (phone) and a text (text). Both Parameters are optional. When you send a text, the user must choose a contact from his phone, when you just use a phone number, the user must write a text. If you set both parameters a SMS will be sent to the given number with the given text. Note that a user always must confirm before a message is sent.


Google Maps Address

When you want to send a specific address just open Google Maps find your location and add the URL to the call-2-action button. e.g. YOUR_PLACE

Facebook Messenger

You can send a message to a messenger contact (username). Note that the text of the message can only be entered in the Messenger App.


You can initiate a chat in WhatsApp to a number (phone) with a text (text). Both parameters are optional. The prerequisite is that the user has WhatsApp installed on his smartphone and if you specify a phone number as a parameter, the number must exist as a contact on the user's smartphone. If you leave the number blank, the user in WhatsApp must select a person he would like to forward the message. Note that a user always must confirm before a message is sent.

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