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QR Interview - Nieves Franco, Arsys

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QR Interview - Nieves Franco, Arsys

Continuing the QR Interviews series, quick response interviews, today we present the case of and its brave commitment to QR-Codes

Nieves Franco, Commercial Director of arsys

Nieves Franco, commercial director of arsys, gives us very detailed answers about her experience using QR Codes and her vision for the future resource

Your company has carried out some actions using QR Codes, could you describe them briefly for us?

The QR code is the main axis of our campaign Inside the Cloud, which combines offline, online and mobile marketing supports and does so, precisely, taking a QR code as the graphic excuse around which the whole campaign revolves... And all this, without affecting its functionality, since scanning the QR code leads directly to our video for the dissemination of Cloud Computing and its mobile version.

In the creativities, the matrix of dots and squares identifying the QR Codes have been graphically edited to incorporate elements of the ICT solutions that we are dedicated to in Arsys: servers, connectivity systems, monitors... Technical elements that are part of our Data Centers, from which we provide Cloud services. In this way, a technology such as QR is integrated into the graphics, just as the Cloud is a technology that adapts to the business. It seemed to us a very coherent campaign in the QR Creativity-Content-Message-Target


About the landing page, it is a video in interactive adventure format that allows users to accompany a computer expert along six missions that take place in the Arsys Data Center. Something informative and entertaining, in the line of branded content that works so well in online media and with the QR as the axis of creativity

What were the objectives of these actions?

The campaign aims to explain the reality of Cloud Computing, bringing this technological model to the user in an entertaining way, explaining some decisive aspects and demystifying some critical aspects, such as data security and its physical location. At the same time, we wanted to do something different with QR, reaching directly to a very interesting user profile for us (early-adopter of smartphones and, therefore, potential consumer of our services) and monitor the results for each medium, identifying the QR of each support in order to analyze the efficiency of each one

Have you measured the impact and can you evaluate the result?

We do not yet have definitive results of the overall impact of the campaign, because it is active and will be for a few weeks, but so far we are very satisfied with its performance. In the first 21 days of the campaign, we have registered a total of 45,000 visits to this landing page, 14,000 of which came directly from scanning the QR. The rest came from other media: social networks, display advertising, sponsored links, YouTube...

Do you have projects in the future that include QR Codes (that can be published on the blog)?

The campaign is still active and lasts about two months in different media. These creatives are being published in different types of print media (general and specialized newspapers, technology magazines, social networks...) which are already being distributed. And we do not rule out the possibility of extending its diffusion through MUPI in a next phase of promotion

For some time we have been incorporating the QR in our creative, because it brings qualified traffic to our site, very focused on our commercial target. Now, however, we have gone further with the inclusion of the QR as the protagonist of the campaign graphics. That is unlikely to be repeated, but what is certain is that we will continue to use QR in one way or another

Do you think QR Codes are a fad or do they have a long-term future?

Yes, without a doubt. Society is increasingly mobile, so you demand easy access to information, such as that provided by the QR. But we can not forget that a QR does not make sense without a good landing page, without a good campaign, without a good creative and business proposal behind. QR Codes are not a fad: they satisfy a user need to access information more easily and will continue to become more popular until a more efficient technology emerges. It is a phenomenon comparable to the late 1990s, when companies started to put their website or mail in their advertisements. I'm sure some skeptics then also thought they were a fad

For the advertiser, QR Codes also allow for better tracking and monitoring of results in each medium by segmenting the visits, which undoubtedly allows for more efficient planning

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