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Vichy: OPIs with QR Codes

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Vichy: OPIs with QR Codes

We are seeing lately in Barcelona the Liftactiv de Vichy campaign in bus stops and other OPIs. This campaign uses a QR Code to link to the mobile site.

It is by far the best campaign we have seen in Spain. So far we had just seen shy attempts, little ads and campaigns and very poor mobile sites. Looks like Vichy is taking it seriously and they have started to work in a channel with lots of future present.

It’s clear, direct and they use many of the assets that a mobile site has: contents, videos, interaction, downloads, etc. with all the power that HTML5 gives to smartphones.

However: As we just said it is a brave campaign, with perfect technichal execution, however, we would only have an observation/improvement.

The QR Code is placed at the very bottom of the ad, there is usually where more info, www, etc… is located. We suggest to place the QR Code at eyes/hands level.

As most of merchandising (it has nothing to do with t-Shirts) professionals know, if you want a product to “hit” on a customer you have to place it at the eyes level, to see it better, or at hands level to touch it/feel it better.

Although a QR Code is not a physical product, it is desirable to have its eyes/hands level so we don’t have to bend over to capture it.

Always place the QR where it is easy to scan
Always place the QR where it is easy to scan

From QR Planet, we congratulate Vichy both for being a brave company and for the technical level and creativity of their campaign.

Last update 1 year ago