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Can I move QR Codes from one user to another?

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Yes, you can move one or more QR Codes from one user to another, as long as a number of conditions are met:

  • Both are users of the same White Label account
  • The two users must have the same domain. If a user is using a customized domain, the QR Codes cannot be moved
  • The user to which you move the QR Codes must have enough quota

Please note that when you move QR Codes, they will keep the structure and information as well as the statistics data. However, they will not keep the design you have applied to the QR Code.

How can I move QR Codes from one user to another?

1. Log in as administrator

As you want to have access to more than one user account, you will need to log in as the administrator of the white label account.


Login Form

To be able to move the QR Codes you must have previously created the user where you want to move the QR Code to.

2. Select the user account that contains the QR Codes you want to move

From the Administrator account menu, click on the Users option. The list of all the user accounts you have active will appear. Login as the user in which the QR Codes you want to move are located.


List of account users

3. Select the QR Codes or Landing Pages

When you login as the user, click on the QR Codes or Landing Pages section of the side menu, depending on what you want to move. A list of the different QR Codes or Landing Pages created from that account will appear.

Select the items you want to move by checking the checkbox in the upper right corner of each QR Code. If you want to move all QR Codes from the list at once, tick the check box in the upper right, to select all QR Codes.

Code Selector
Code Selector

4. Select "Move to user" in the drop-down menu of the QR Code list

Once you have selected the QR Codes, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the list of codes. Among the different action options select Move to user

Bulk action drop-down menu
Bulk action drop-down menu

5. Select the user to which you want to move the QR Codes

Once you have completed the previous step, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to select the target account from a drop-down menu that will list all the users in your White Label account. You can either use the user search box or select it directly from the list

NOTE: If you have not previously created the user, click the Create User button to create a new user. In this case, you will have to go through the process again from step 1.

After you have selected a user, a dialog will appear that you must confirm before the QR codes are finally moved.

User Selector
User Selector

How can I move a large volume of QR Codes?

If you need to move a large number of QR Codes or Landing Pages, you can do it from the Administrator API.

Last update 8 months ago