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Can I include a video from YouTube or an mp4 file in a QR Code?

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Can I include a video from YouTube or an mp4 file in a QR Code?


Yes, simply redirect to a video URL in a QR Code and the users can play the video on their mobile phone right after scanning the QR Code.

How to create a Video QR Code

1. Login into your account

Log into your account or create a new account. You can create video QR codes in any of our plans.


Login Form

2. Create a new dynamic QR Code

You can create dynamic QR Codes from  any of our plans. Go to QR Codes > Create QR Code

List of options for creating QR Codes

3. Choose Youtube QR Code type

Copy and paste the URL or ID of your Youtube video. If you copy the URL you can also add a minute and second from when you want to start the video from.

QR Code Generator


Create QR Code
List of QR Code types with the selected type YouTube

4. Enter YouTube URL and click on Create QR Code

You have now created your video QR Code ready to play.

QR Code Generator


Create QR Code
Input form for the video URL of the YouTube video

Other video files and services

If you have a Vimeo, Loom or any other video service channel, you can create video QR Codes using these services URLs.

At this moment, you cannot publish video files in your media section. However, you can also create a simple dynamic QR Code and redirect to an MP4 file hosted in your servers.

Last update 1 year ago