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How to Fix the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED?

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This error can be caused for different reasons regarding your browser or internet connection. 

How to fix the SSL error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED?

1. Check your internet connection

You might have to switch from WIFI to a cable connection and/or reset your router.

2. Check if our site is down

Use the following service to check if website is down just for you or for everyone:

3. Check your browser

You might try to access the website from a different browsers and devices, or you can delete the current browser cache and try again. Please check if you have a browser plugin that is blocking our website.

4. Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall software.

Check if your antivirus or firewall software is blocking the website.

5. Flush your DNS cache

Besides the browser, your OS is also creating a DNS cache and this can be the reason our site is not being reached.

Please go to your command line to flush this cached information.


ipconfig /flushdns


sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder && echo macOS DNS Cache Reset

6. Change your DNS address

To discard a DNS malfunction, you can temporarily change to Google's public DNS ( or or Cloudflare ( or

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