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I created a dynamic QR code with another website. Can I activate and edit the QR code via your service?

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Yes, but It depends on the shortened URL that is encoded in your dynamic QR Code.

You can easily find out by scanning your QR Code and look at the domain that is shown by your QR Code scanner.

Case 1: The shortened URL contains the domain of the website where you have created the QR Code

If you have created your QR code with a competitor, you must first activate the account there and the code will work again. In the next step register an account with our service and create a dynamic QR Code that redirects to the same target URL like the other QR Code.

You can now edit the destination URL from the old QR Code and set it to the shortened URL of the new QR Code. However, both accounts must be active.

Case 2: The shortened URL contains your own domain

If you created a dynamic QR Code using your own domain, you can easily recreate them using our White Label QR Code Manager. Using your own domain makes your QR Codes independent from us or any other service. You can always change to another provider at any time and import your existing QR codes there.

Last update 1 year ago