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Multi-lingual QR Code Business Cards

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Multi-lingual QR Code Business Cards

You probably have business contacts worldwide and professionals speaking different languages will scan your QR Code Business Card. A single QR Code on your business card can provide a QR Code Business Card in various languages.

Multi-lingual International QR Code Business Cards

There are two different ways in which you can manage multi-lingual business cards:

Create a browser dependent business card

If all the contact information, design and call-to-action buttons are the same for all the languages this solution will work for you.

 Once you have created your business card, you can go to the Extras section of your business card landing page editor and on the Language picker select Browser dependant

Browser dependant language business card
Browser dependant language selector

Specify the language in which the landing page should be displayed to the visitor. By default, the page is displayed in the language that you have specified in your account. You can overwrite the language or select to set the language depending on the browser of the visitor. If the language sent by the browser is not available, the language set in your account will be used as an alternative.

The interface texts, action buttons and country names of your business card will be displayed in the language that you select.

If you are bulk creating your business cards, you can use the column "language" to specify the language of the business card, enter "xx" for Browser dependent language or leave it empty to use the default language of the account. 

Create different business cards for each language

If you want to display totally different contents, call-to-action buttons, contact information or even a different design, logo and template, you can use our multi-language QR Code solution combined with you business cards.

How to create a multi-language QR Code Business Card

1. Log in to your account

Log in to your account. Multi-lingual QR Codes can be created in any plan.


Login Form

2. Create different versions of your business card 

Go to your landing pages menu and create the different versions of your business cards in the languages that you need. 

Create business card
Create business card

3. Assign a language to each business card

Use the language selector on the Extras section to assign a language to each business card.

Multilingual businesscards
Drop-Down language selector

4. Assign a vanity URL to each business card

Use the vanity URL of the business card to provide a descriptive URL to each business card.

  • (English)
  • (French)
  • (German)
Multilingual businesscards
Multilingual businesscards

5. Create a multilanguage QR Code

Go to the QR Codes section and create a new Multi Language QR Code.

Create a multi-language QR Code
Create a Multi-Language QR Code

6. Assign each short URL to a language

Add the different languages that you are going to use and link them the business card short URL for that specific language.

Multi-language QR Code dashboard
Multi-language QR Code dashboard

7. Enter a short URL for the international code

The short URL of the multi-language QR Code is the one to be used on your business cards. E.g.

Short URL field
Short URL field

8. Download your QR Code or copy your short URL

You are now ready to go to your Options menu and download your QR Code that will redirect to a different business card landing page depending on the user's browser language.

Multi-language QR Code options
Multi-language QR Code options
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