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Business cards

Create your mobile business cards from your account. Add a QR Code to any printed material with your contact information, details and download it as a vCard file.

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Lead forms

Collect your users information in any context. Create mobile marketing campaigns in any context adding a QR Code. Send unique vouchers, share exclusive info, etc.

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Social Media

Promote all your social media networks with a single QR Code. Grow your followers base, interactions and engagement from your printed materials.

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Create digital vouchers for a free drink or a percentage on a purchase. You can choose from different redemption options for the voucher and set a period of validity.

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Custom HTML

Fully customisable landing page. Add you own HTML, CSS and JS code the the landing pages and keep all your mobile marketing material in your account.

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GS1 QR Codes

GS1 QR Codes will replace barcodes in the future

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What is a call-2-action (C2A) button?

Call-2-action buttons on a landing page offer a user a specific action e.g. initiate call or download a PDF that will be triggered when the button is pressed.

Last update 1 year ago

Are my landing pages indexed by Google?

Not by default. When creating a landing page a metatag is set to no index. This metatag tells Google will not add your pages in their search results.

Last update 1 year ago

Are my landing pages crawlable by bots?

Yes, because they are publicly accessible. White label users can activate the indexing of their landing pages by search engines who respect the noindex meta tag.

Last update 1 year ago