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QR Codes with recurring redirects

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QR Codes with recurring redirects

If a user scans a QR code for which recurring redirects are stored, he will be redirected to a specific landing page depending on the time and day of the week.

This is useful for restaurant owners, when they, for example, want to present special menus for their guests on certain days. In the following tutorial you will learn how to create recurring redirects for digital menu cards in PDF format.

This very simple, contactless and paper-saving solution is not only beneficial for menus, but can also be used for timetables or posters at theater performances.

How do I create QR Codes with recurring redirects?

1. Login to your account

Log into your account and go to the QR Codes section.


Login Form

2. Upload PDF files

Go to the Media section and upload all PDF files that you want to use for a recurring redirection.

In addition to your main menu, you can, for example, create a PDF Menu for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Happy Hour.

Media section with PDF files
Media section with PDF files

3. Create QR Codes

Now create a separate QR Code for each PDF menu. To do this, click on Create QR Code and then select PDF. If you click on Upload PDF, you can link an uploaded PDF file with the QR Code.

For each QR Code you can optionally also

  1. define a name
  2. add a description
  3. upload a cover photo
  4. choose between direct download and preview view
  5. set the desired colors
  6. assign a custom URL
PDF QR Code editor
PDF QR Code editor

4. Activate redirections

Out of all PDF QR Codes you have created, choose your main PDF QR Code with the default menu. You can now activate redirections for your main menu by clicking on the Scheduler menu item under Options.

PDF QR Code Option menu
PDF QR Code options to create recurring redirects under scheduler

5. Create rules

Activate the "Turn on/off scheduled redirects" switch and click on the tab Recurring Redirections. To add a recurring redirection for the QR Code click on the Plus symbol.

Dialog for creating recurring redirects
Dialog for creating recurring redirects

6. Edit recurring redirection

Then copy the Custom shortened URL from a PDF QR Code that you specified in step 3 under point 6 and paste it as the Target URL for the Recurring Redirect.

The selection of the day of the week and the time interval is optional. Then click on Add Redirection to confirm your entry. In the screenshot below, a daily redirection between twelve and three o'clock to the Lunch Menu was created.

To also create recurring redirects for your menus for Breakfast, Dinner and Happy Hour, repeat the process described above. You can add as many recurring redirects as you want.

Editor recurring redirects
Editor for a recurring redirect

Rule order prioritization

  • the redirects are carried out in the order in which they are displayed.
  • if no specific weekday is selected, the added rule will be applied daily.
  • if you do not enter a time for a certain redirection, 00:00 is assumed for the start time and 23:59:59 for the end time.
  • redirects for a specific day of the week are preferred over daily-based redirects.

Frequently asked Questions

Do I have to use PDF QR Codes to create recurring redirects?

No. You can also create a dynamic QR code and set up recurring redirects for it, which link to any website.

What time is taken into account in the scheduled redirection process? For example, I'm based in Mexico, a different time zone than my customers are in.

In the scheduled redirection process, the user's time zone is taken into account, i.e. if a user scans a QR code with his smartphone at 3:30 p.m. local time, this time is used for the scheduled redirection.

Can I set a schedule redirection to a Social QR Code, Digital Businesscard or a Coupon Landing Page?

Scheduled QR Code redirects cannot be added to landing pages. Instead, create a dynamic QR code with scheduled redirects to the respective landing pages.

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