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What is the webspace of my account? Can I have more webspace?

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What is the webspace of my account? Can I have more webspace?

The webspace is the maximum total size of all files that you can store in your media section. In your Media section you can host the following file types:

PDF Files
Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG)
MP3 Audio files
Android App

These files can be linked with your QR Codes or may be embedded in your landing pages.

Max Webspace in Megabyte (MB) for our plans

Depending on the plan you have chosen, different amounts of web space will be available to you.

PlanMax Webspace (MB)
Free50 MB
Starter50 MB
Premium100 MB
White label100 MB (per extra user)

The maximum upload size for the file on the media section in 20 MB.

Do you need more webspace?

​If you need more webspace please let us know how much extra space you will need, describe your use case and we can quote you.

If you are going to need lots of extra webspace you may also consider hosting your files with a 3rd party service or with your own hosting provider.

We do not provide hotlinking your media files other than on your landing pages.

Last update 4 months ago