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Login and password

Protect your account. Set and update your credentials, request a password reset, or enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for optimal protection.

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Activate your account. For security reasons, a verification E-Mail is sent to activate an account after you sign to keep your account and our platform safe.

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Change plans

Upgrade or downgrade your current subscription. Select the plan matches your needs and pay as you grow. We can create a custom plan for you anytime.

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Reactivate your account. Trial accounts and subscriptions with open invoices are automatically deactivated. Bring your QR Codes and contents back to life.

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Account settings

Control your account. Update the configuration of your account settings, languages, customization of dialogs, advanced features and payments.

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Account termination

Easily cancel your account or leave it in standby mode. We want to keep our users on board, but most of all we want to be sure you are getting value out of it.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Access our platform through your organization's Identity Provider (IDP). Your employees can use their company credentials for a secure access to login to our platform with Single Sign-On.

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How many QR codes can I manage in my account?

The price list shows the maximum total number of QR codes that you can manage and edit from your account after registration

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