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Forms in Landing Page for Lead Generation

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With the lead landing page editor you can create forms to get new leads. You can easily add fields to a form for a user to submit his e-mail, name and other custom fields.

Edit Form

Lead form editor
Editor for creating lead forms

You can create different types of fields and arrange them as you wish:

  • Text
  • E-Mail
  • Password
  • Number
  • Phone number
  • Date
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Text areas

The fields Name and E-Mail are mandatory, so you can generate leads. If you would like to create a completely custom form without mandatory fields, follow this guide.

On Submit

You can define different types of actions when a form is submitted.

actions on submission
Set an action after form submission
  • Send reward link via E-Mail
  • Send voucher via E-Mail
  • Redirect URL
  • Do nothing
  • Fire a webhook
  • Notify me on new lead
Reward Link
Set reward link to be sent via email

In return, the user will receive a reward link by E-Mail, where he can download a PDF file, a music video or any other digital product you want to provide.

Reward E-Mail example
Example of an email that the user receives after submitting the form

Coupon per Lead

You can create a voucher, which will be sent to the user when depositing his mail. In the landing page editor, you only need to select the appropriate coupon to be sent to the user after registration.

Redirect URL

You have to define a link in the editor to which he will be redirected after registration.

No action

In this case no action is taken. The user will have the pop-up info displayed and the submitted info will be stored as lead.


Additionally, you can fire a Webhook when a form is submitted so you can integrate the process of submitting a lead form with any business logic you can think of.

Notify me on new lead

You can also send a notification to the account administrator email every time a form is submitted.

Notification option for new lead
Notification option for new lead

On Success message

Once the form has been submitted a message is displayed on the user's screen.

Edit Success message
Create your own message. You can also use HTML code

Notification E-Mail

Create a custom HTML E-Mail template that is sent to the new lead, when he submits this form.


If you want to make your landing page fully GDPR /CCPA compliant you should add a link to your company's Privacy Policy page.

In order to be in compliance with the GDPR when a user sends you personal information, you must request his consent, which is when he or she gives a statement of intent, ie the user marks the checkbox.

Get Leads

Download Form data

You can retrieve all submitted form data by clicking on the lead icon in the landing page's option context menu or using the API

leads download
Download leads

Referral QR Code Injection

If you create a QR Code and forward the user to a lead landing page, the lead landing page will include referral QR Code vanity URL. The code is added as a hidden field in the form and submitted as well.

<input type="hidden" name="referercode" value="abcdef">

Auto-Fill form with QR Code data

If you have added JSON information in a QR code that matches an ID of an input field, it will automatically be filled with the value that is stored in the QR code.

Access JSON data from injected referral QR Code

If you added semi-structured JSON information to a QR Code you can access the JSON information through JavaScript with the refererJson variable.

// the injected JSON from the referral QR Code
var refererJson={"info":"test"};

// access the refererJson-object
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