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Create coupon to be redeemed once per IP

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A QR code voucher can be redeemed once per IP address. If smartphones access the coupon on the same Wi-Fi network, the coupon can only be redeemed by one user. For a more stringent redemption, select one-time redeemable vouchers.

Offer information


Set a title for your offer. It will show as the header of your coupon.

Coupon number

 In case you want to add some internal coding you can do it here.


You can write HTML code to make it more appealing.

Coupon image

It will be shown when the landing page is shown and the voucher is redeemed.


With the “Starting with date from” and “Available to” you can set the time for a voucher where he is valid. If a user opens the voucher outside this time range, the voucher will show the message “Voucher expired”.

Assign Contact

With the optional contact field, you can assign a business card landing page to the voucher. An assigned contact will be displayed as a contact link on the voucher.


It is a good practise to limit the scope of the promotion, not only in terms of date validity, but also to prevent any kind of undesired use (Ex. this offer may not be combined with other offers, you have to be +18 to participate, etc).

Vouchers issuing

Maximum Redemptions

You can set the number in the field "Maximum Redemptions" how often a coupon is redeemable. You can set any number, there is no redemption limit. A coupon will be redeemable only once per mobile phone (per IP address). So, if you set the quantity e.g. to 10, 10 unique IP addresses can redeem the coupon. Please note: if you are using the same mobile phone in different Wi-Fi networks with different IP addresses, the same phone may redeem a coupon more than one time.

If the coupon is redeemed more than the defined maximum number, a message will popup informing the user that the coupon quota is exhausted.


Once a unique per IP coupon has been redeemed, you can reset it to be redeemable again after a given time (in hours).

If the field is empty, the coupon will only be redeemable once per IP. Note: If Smartphones access the Internet from the same WiFi the coupon will be redeemable only by one user. 3G/4G access is recommended.

If you redeem the voucher with a smartphone, the current IP address by the smartphone is blocked. However, this does not mean that the smartphone must still have the same IP address the next day. The IP addresses of smartphones change regularly, i.e. With every change of IP address, the voucher can theoretically be redeemed if not changed back to an IP that has already been redeemed. You can get the current IP address of your smartphone with What is my IP

If promotion requires of a strict control of redemption policy, we recommend using unique vouchers instead.

MailChimp Webhook

Here you can connect to MailChimp and as soon as a new user subscribes to a mailing list, a voucher is automatically sent to the user's email address.

On redeem

Notify on Redemption

If you activate this option, you will receive an instant e-mail notification with the date of redemption and information about the Smartphone that has redeemed the voucher.


If you want to make your landing page fully GDPR /CCPA compliant you should add a link to your company's Privacy Policy page.

Notification email

Create a custom HTML email template that is sent, when a user subscribes to a mailing list.

Tag legend

You can merge the values entered by the user when signing up on the mailing list adding the following tags:


Include this tag in your email template where the reward or coupon link should be displayed.


Include this tag in your email template where you want the name (for example, in the greeting) to be inserted.

Omit HTML wrapper

If this feature (advanced users only) is enabled, no HTML code will be inserted around the message, so you can use your own responsive HTML template in the message.


You can add call-2-action buttons on any landing page right from the landing page editor by clicking the add icon. A call-2-action button may link to a web site, a PDF document, initiates a call or sends an e-mail. Learn about the possibilities of Call-2-Actions.


In the extras section in the coupon editor you can assign your own short URL for the voucher (vanity link) and decide if you want the search engines to index your voucher.

Sharing Coupon

With the sharing function people can share the coupon through social media networks, through email or SMS. You can enable sharing only for the redemption modes "unlimited" and "unique per IP".

share a coupon
share coupon

Save Coupon

When enabling the save function, users can save the coupon on their mobile phone for later use.

save a coupon
Save Coupon

Password Protection

If you set the redemption to unique per IP or to unique voucher, you can enter an optional password that a business owner has to type in before a voucher may be redeemed. This will prevent accidental redemptions by the user.

EAN-13 Barcode

You can set an optional EAN-13 barcode, that will be displayed after the coupon has been redeemed. This enables the cashier to scan the barcode and add the article to the cash register.

Optionally you can enable Webhooks that submit the EAN Code to your cash system. Learn more about Webhooks

Barcode EAN Voucher
EAN Barcode displayed after redemption
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