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Public transport tickets via QR Code

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Public transport tickets via QR Code

You know the cumbersome task: you want to get from A to B by public transport. Long study of the line plans, waiting at the ticket machine, entering the route etc.

The public transport system in Vienna has started to offer the option to use a QR Code to buy tickets, view timetables and routes and to avoid tedious waiting at the ticket machine.

Since the corona crisis severely disrupts the normal daily routine in its processes this offer has taken on a new and attractive topicality and helps avoiding contact and reduces the risk of infection.

QR Code on the ticket machine

Thanks to the QR Codes, there is no longer any need to wait at the ticket machines, then enter the destination, search for the appropriate fare, insert money, finger tickets from the output compartment – all potential sources of danger for an infection.

QR Code on ticket machine
The QR Code on the ticket machine leads to the mobile app to buy mobile tickets

It is sufficient to scan the QR Code, which is attached to ticket machines, timetables and other clearly visible places and you have the ticket, you are informed about the route (tram, bus, subway, transfers, etc.) and pay contact- and cashless. You do not have to worry about the distance rule on the machine and avoid any contact with the various functional surfaces of the ticket machines that have been touched thousands of times.

How does the QR Code work?

To be able to use these services, just scan the QR Code with the camera of your smartphone. Via the App QR Code, your cell phone is forwarded to the corresponding app store (Google Playstore for Android, Apple in the app store).

The app will be installed immediately. This gives you access to all information about the route, timetables, tariffs – even annual tickets can be bought via this app – trams, bus or subway lines.

To buy tickets it is now only necessary to create a user account with Wiener Linien.

It is not foreseeable when this crisis will end and whether it will not intensify again in autumn. So why not prevent and use the QR Code now, which is of course of great use even after the crisis and makes everyday life and mobility easier.

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