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UX Updates: Inline Edit, QR Code mass management, Tagging and Media

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UX Updates: Inline Edit, QR Code mass management, Tagging and Media

Almost 60% of our features started out by a user suggestion. We love pushing the limits of our QR Code Platform so feed-back hunting and listening obsessively to our users is one of our key strategies. Sometimes we push small changes and sometimes we do major deployments that add new possibilities and features of our platform (design, UX, functionality, etc.)

The main suggestion/comment we are getting from our users is that we are not being proactive enough to communicate those improvements.

Clearly this required of some action, so we start publishing today our monthly changelog. We will do our best to keep you informed of all the new features of our platform and if you want to pitch an idea/request to our dev team, you can do so our feedback page.


Inline edit

You can now inline edit the name and the destination URL of your QR Codes and landing pages.

Mouseover the destination URL or the name of the QR Code, click on it and you will be ready to edit.

Folders management

You can now create folders and subfolders to better manage and store your QR Codes, landing pages, and media section.

Create your folders and subfolders and you can drag and drop your QR Codes, landing pages, and media files.


You can archive your folders without deleting your content for later use by switching the archive option. If you create campaigns that involve many QR Codes or landing pages, it is a very useful option.

Click on Options > Archive to show/hide the folders you want to archive.

Tag system – API

If folders are not enough for you to manage your QR Code, you can also use our tagging system where you can assign multiple tags to a single QR Code. You can also create/remove tags using our QR Code API. If you click on a tag of a QR Code you get the statistics of all QR Codes containing the same tag. You can even combine tags to get merged statistics of all QR Codes that include those tags.

Click on Options > Tag to add a tag or multiple tags to your QR Codes

Mass management

You can now click on your QR Codes and move/delete them as a group.

Media section

You can now organize your files in folders, drag and drop them and process them as a group.

Last update 1 year ago