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Here you can find lots of interesting blog posts about the use of QR codes

Hetzner is our new infrastructure provider

We are expanding our capabilities by partnering with Hetzner GmbH. This collaboration is set to launch on 1st of April, 2024.

Product News 03/01/24 1 Minute
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Digital Business Cards for your Apple Wallet

Learn how to add and personalize your digital business card to Apple Wallet. This will make sharing your contact details even easier and more efficient.

Product News 01/27/24 5 Minutes
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A-Record support for white label domain is discontinued from 1st of January 2024

For a continued access to the platform, please set up a CNAME-Record for the domain and remove the A-record.

Product News 12/02/23 1 Minute
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New Icons For Social Networks

We have added the following social media icons: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Mastodon and Slack.

Product News 08/03/23 1 Minute
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Set the primary phone number

Determine under which phone number you would like to be primarily reachable for your visitors

Product News 08/02/23 1 Minute
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On the 21st of January 2023 has been merged into the QR Planet family. Our QR Code platform is now available under the domain

Product News 01/29/23 1 Minute
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Replace social icons on my QR Code Business Card

Upload the logos that you want to use in the media section and create a template from the branding section.

Product News 11/17/22 1 Minute
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UX Updates: Inline Edit, QR Code mass management, Tagging and Media

Changelog – March: Inline edit · Folders management · Archive · Tag system via API · Mass and group management · Media section

Product News 10/21/22 1 Minute
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QR Code Trends 2023

Since reading QR codes has been possible with every smartphone, there have been a multitude of trends such as digital vouchers or geo-targeted QR codes.

Product News 10/21/22 5 Minutes
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