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Assigning Tags to a QR Code

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Assigning Tags to a QR Code

What are Tags?

A tag is a keyword or term associated with information. This type of metadata helps describe an object and is primarily used to make information easier to find or link. Tags are usually informally and personally chosen by the creator of the object, although they can also be chosen from a controlled vocabulary.

Tagging is a significant feature of many Web 2.0 services. It is now an important part of many database systems, desktop applications, and operating systems.

Why do I need Tags?

On our Platform you have the possibility to assign one or more tags to created QR Codes to better identify and classify them. This allows you to better manage the QR Codes by filtering them to a group of QR Codes of the same tag and to get statistics only for the specific group of tagged QR Codes. 

How do I create Tags?

1. Login to your account

Login to your account.


Login Form

2. Choose your QR Code

For assigning tags to QR Codes select in your account the menu item QR Codes and click on the Options button of the respective QR Code. Then click on the subitem Tag.

Tag QR Code
QR Code and Options menu

3. Assigning Tags to a QR Code

Next to the Options button an input field appears and you can enter the individual tags for the specific QR Code. These tags can reflect personal associations, categories or concepts. 

Tag QR Code
Assigning Tag

Tag Options

Tag QR Code
Tag Statistics, Filter, Delete

1. View Tag Statistics

Click on the tag and then on the Statistics menu item. You will get the statistics for all QR Codes matching the selected tag.

Accumulated Statistics

On the statistics page you have the possibility to view the statistics for QR Codes that are assigned not only to one but also to several tags. Simply manually add more tags that you want to filter by. The input field is located to the right of the existing tag. The result is a cumulative display of QR Codes of all filter tags listed.

Tag QR Code
Accumulated Tag Statistics

2. Filter QR Codes by Tag

If you assign the same tag to several QR Codes, you can use this tag as a filter. To do this, click on the desired tag and then on the Filter menu item. QR Codes with the same tag will be then listed.

Tag QR Code
Filter QR Code by Tag

3. Delete a Tag

You can remove the tag from the QR Code at any time. To do this, click on the tag and then on Delete.

Last update 1 year ago