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Are there any limitations in the trial period?

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The purpose of the trial period is that users can fully test the platform before coming on board. During your trial only the following functionalities are limited.

Import and the batch generation of QR Codes is limited to 3 QR Codes

If you want to generate masses of QR Codes, this is possible in the trial phase with up to 3 QR Codes per job.

Import of vCards is disabled

vCards can only be imported once you subscribed. However, you can have QR Code Business Cards created on import instead for testing.

Import of QR Codes from the free account is disabled

Importing QR Codes from the free account is not possible until you have subscribed as the QR Codes can no longer be transferred back to the free account and the change is permanent.

If you need to go live or you are ready to sign up, you can go ahead and activate your subscription anytime by entering your company info and payment data in the payments section. Once you signed up, the limits from above will not apply anymore.

Don’t worry about doing this before the trial period is over, the first 30 days will not be invoiced even if you subscribe right away.

Last update 8 months ago