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Can I assign a specific e-mail address to receive my invoices?

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Yes. Go to your Account settings and enter an e-mail (cc) address. If you enter an e-mail there, we will send a copy of your invoices to this e-mail when issued.

If the field is left blank, you will receive the invoices to your standard email.

How to assign an e-mail to receive your invoices

For Starter and Premium Plans

Go to your account settings at the top right and set the E-Mail (CC) in the User Settings tab.

Starter and premium plans - Invoicing e-mail
Starter and premium plans - Invoicing e-mail

For White Label Plan

Login as administrator in your white label account and go to your Account settings in the left main menu. In the Admin User settings set the E-Mail (CC).

White label plan - Invoicing e-mail
White label plan - Invoicing e-mail
Last update 1 year ago