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Can I create a Micro QR Code on your platform?

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No, we do not support Micro QR Codes

No, you can not create Micro QR Code on our website. Please have a look on all QR Code types we are providing on our QR Code Generator page.

What is a Micro QR Code?

Micro QR Codes were an initiative of Denso Wave intended to improve the performance of small QR Codes (<1cm) and they can encode only up to 35 characters. They have not achieved as much traction and critical mass as regular QR Codes have on general audiences.

Most QR Code App readers do not decode Micro QR Codes

Currently, most of QR Code App readers do not decode Micro QR Codes and the smartphone cameras have improved the optics in a way they can easily scan QR Codes of 2cm and under.

While there are cases where super small QR Codes can make the difference, e.g. electronic components labeling, most of the projects are using regular QR Codes. 

Just like with regular QR Codes, patent rights in DENSO WAVE's possession were waived by the company.

Last update 1 year ago