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Can I scan a QR Code without internet access or without phone signal?

Static QR Codes work without an internet connection. Dynamic QR Codes contain a short URL and they require an internet connection in order to show its contents

Last update 8 months ago

Rendering QR Codes in PDF versus EPS format

EPS QR Codes need longer to render; they are bigger in file size and they do not support gradients in true vector format. Please use the PDF or SVG format instead.

Last update 1 year ago

How do I print a QR Code?

Provide enough contrast · Mind the quiet zone around the QR Code · Print QR Codes in scalable vector format · Watch the minimum size · Do not exceed the maximum size of a logo in a QR Code

Last update 12 months ago

Why is my QR Code not working anymore?

Check if your account is active or if you have an open invoice. You might have exceeded the scan limit; the target URL is offline, or you deleted the QR Code.

Last update 1 year ago

Why my QR Code is not scanning?

The more designer elements you add to the QR Code, the more difficult it becomes to read. Remove or resize the logo and provide enough contrast.

Last update 11 months ago

What is a shortened or vanity URL in a QR Code?

If you create a dynamic QR Code a shortened URL in the QR Code will be used, so fewer characters must be encoded and the QR Code will be easier to scan.

Last update 2 months ago

Can I change the type of dynamic QR Code once it is created?

Yes, this is possible. For example, you can subsequently convert a simple dynamic QR code into a PDF QR Code, a Multilanguage QR Code, an App Download QR Code.

Last update 1 week ago

How do I change the URL in a dynamic QR Code?

You can change the target URL even if the QR code has already been printed. Login into your account, edit the URL in your dashboard and set the new destination.

Last update 12 months ago

Will my QR Codes expire?

Static QR Codes created with our service never expire. Dynamic QR Codes in free accounts do not expire if they are scanned less than 100 times per day.

Last update 1 year ago

Can I create a Micro QR Code on your platform?

No, we do not generate micro QR Codes from our platform. Micro QR Codes were an initiative of Denso Wave intented to improve the performance of small QR Codes.

Last update 1 year ago

How do I deactivate or pause a QR Code?

When you want to deactivate or pause a QR Code you can delete the QR Code or change the target URL to redirect the user to another landing page instead.

Last update 1 year ago

What is the difference between a static and a dynamic QR Code?

When scanning a QR code the user is either being linked to your website directly (static QR Code) or he is redirected through a tracking URL (dynamic QR Code).

Last update 12 months ago

How do I find out if a QR Code is dynamic or static?

Decode the QR Code first. Dynamic QR Codes have mostly shortened URLs encoded and therefor they are less crowded and they are smaller than static QR Codes.

Last update 1 year ago

How can I view my downloaded EPS QR Code?

You can view the QR Codes in EPS format in Adobe Illustrator or with the free EPS Viewer software.

Last update 2 days ago

What is the difference between EAN barcodes and QR Codes?

QR codes can store up to 4192 characters, EAN codes can only store up to 13 digits. Smartphones read QR codes directly with the camera without a special app.

Last update 1 year ago

Do you offer a plan with unlimited QR Codes?

We do not offer unlimited creation of QR Codes under a single account both for technical and commercial reasons. We can of course create a custom plan for you.

Last update 1 year ago

Is a high resolution QR Code with only 5 kilobytes much too small to print on a big billboard?

No. The beauty of vector graphic is that you can make them as big as you want without blurring the QR Code, because only polygons are saved and not pixels.

Last update 1 year ago

Are QR Codes for free?

Yes, QR Codes created on our website can be used free of charge and commercially. You can create as many QR codes as you want and they do not expire.

Last update 11 months ago

Do you have QR Codes in a high resolution?

Yes. You can download all QR Codes in various scale-able vector formats like eps, pdf or svg. This ensures that the QR Codes scale as big as you want.

Last update 1 year ago

What is a QR Code and how do they work?

A QR code is a barcode that can contain any text up to 4096 characters long and can be read by a smartphone camera to link a user to a website or video.

Last update 2 days ago

What is a static QR Code?

A static QR Code has the target URL directly encoded and will never expire. You cannot change the target URL once printed nor track who scanned your QR Codes.

Last update 11 months ago

I created a static QR Code. Can I turn it into a dynamic QR Code?

No. You cannot change a static QR Code into a dynamic QR Code because the URL of a static QR Code is encoded in the QR Code and therefore cannot be changed.

Last update 1 year ago

Is a QR Code still readable when some areas of are damaged or missing?

In general, yes. It depends on the error correction level, that is set when creating a QR Code. The higher the level, the more of the QR code can be damaged.

Last update 11 months ago

Why two QR Codes with the same URL can look different?

Every QR Code Generator uses different algorithms and also different encodings. Another possibility are different error correction levels (L, M, Q or H).

Last update 1 year ago

How can I preview the URL behind the QR Code?

Apple iPhones already display the domain of the URL encoded in the QR Code when scanning. To preview the whole URL use a third party QR Code Reader App.

Last update 1 year ago

What is the minimum size of a QR Code?

We recommend a minimum size of 2 x 2 cm for a QR Code. However, you must consider the scanning distance and the number of charactars encoded in the QR Code.

Last update 1 year ago

I created a dynamic QR code with another website. Can I activate and edit the QR code via your service?

Yes, but it depends if the shortened URL in your QR Code contains the domain of the other website or your own domain.

Last update 1 year ago

What can I do if my QR Code has been hijacked?

Check if the target URL is online and displaying the correct content. Verify your QR Codes target URL. If URL was altered, change the password of your account.

Last update 1 year ago

How do I restore a deleted QR Code?

If you have deleted a QR Code you can either recreate it using the same short URL or you can restore it from your log section on the account settings.

Last update 1 year ago