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Can I get the phone number, name or address of the person who scanned the QR Code?

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No. For security reasons it is not possible to track the person's phone number or any other details like name or contacts from the address book just by scanning the QR Code.

The browser never has access to the personal data of the smartphone. By tracking a QR Code scan, the device, the time and location where the QR code was scanned can be retrieved. The IP address is stored anonymously so that no conclusions can be drawn about the person and therefore tracking with our service is GDPR / CCPA compliant.

However, you can still be GDPR / CCPA compliant and get personal data. To do so build a form on your landing page to retrieve personal data of the person, who scans the QR Code. Learn more about Lead Generation with QR Codes.

Last update 1 year ago