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How does the pricing work for white label plans?

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The basic fee for the platform is 35 U$ per month on annual payment. For every created user additional 5 U$ per month will be charged.

  • The portal fee will be charged in advance.
  • The fee for each user will be charged retrospectively from their creation date on the next invoice or when the account is closed.

You have a 30-days evaluation period to test the platform with all features enabled. The billing is on a quarterly or annual basis. For annual payments with give a 20% discount.

All prices quoted exclude VAT. You can download all invoices as pdf documents from your account. For companies outside the EU or companies with a valid VATID in the EU outside of Austria we do not charge VAT.

Last update 1 year ago

What is a final invoice?

When you terminate an account, a final invoice will be issued for the users that you have had active on your last billing cycle.