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How many QR codes can I manage in my account?

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You can find the exact number of QR Codes per account in our price list.

The number corresponds to the maximum total number of QR Codes that you can manage and change from your account after registration

The number does not refer to QR  Codes per month or QR Codes per year - the number of available QR Codes stays the same while your account stays active.

You can upgrade to a different plan at any time or contact us for an individual offer if you need more than 500 QR Codes.

Free accounts allow up to 4 QR Codes and 2 Landing Pages

For free accounts, we provide 1 QR code and 1 landing page. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will receive 3 more QR Codes and 1 more landing page. The number of scans is limited to a fair-use limit of 100 scans per day for dynamic QR Codes. Static QR Codes have no limit.

If you delete a QR code or a landing page, your quota increases again by one QR code or one landing page.

100% Ad-free

Compared to other providers, we do not display any advertising. When you scan a QR code, you will be redirected directly to the target page.

Last update 1 year ago