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How to import QR Codes from a free account to a paid plan

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Paid accounts are independent of the free accounts. Once you have subscribed to a paid plan, you can import your QR Codes and Landing Pages as well as the statistics that you created in your free account.

Before you start

Note that the scan limit for QR codes from the free account will not be removed until you have subscribed and imported the QR codes to the paid account.

Subscribe to a paid plan and pay first invoice

The import of QR codes from the free account only works if you have subscribed to a paid account and you have paid your first invoice.

Note that an import cannot be undone

Once you moved your QR Codes from your free account to your paid account the QR Codes cannot be moved back to your free account.

How do I import my free QR Codes and Landing Pages to a paid plan?

1. Login to your account

Log into your account that you have already subscribed to.


Login Form

2. Go to the import section

The import process from a free to a paid account will transfer dynamic QR Codes, landing pages, current stats and the media section.

In the import section choose Import from free account

3. Enter the credentials of your free account

Use the credentials of your free account and click Import or click the Facebook button if you registered this way to import the QR Codes.

Import from a Free Account

Import QR Codes from a free account dashboard

Done! You should now see the QR Codes of your free account in your current paid plan.


What can I do if I get the error message: Wrong username/password combination?

Make sure you're using the password from the free account and not your paid account. If you have forgotten your password, log in to your free account once with the 1-time login and change the password of your free account.

Will my printed QR Codes continue to work after the import?

Yes. The QR Codes continue to redirect to the target URL once imported. You will see the statistics in your paid account from now on and you can edit the target URL anytime.

Why do I still see the free domain after the import?

QR Codes that are already printed will show the original shortened URL, since this URL is encoded in the QR Code and therefore cannot be changed after printing.

Last update 6 months ago