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Password protected QR Codes

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Password protected QR Codes

You can add a password to restrict the access to the content of a QR Code. When this option is set, users scanning the QR Code or following the short URL will be required to enter a password.

If a valid password is not entered, the user will not be redirected to the destination URL nor will be able to see the content of the landing page.

You can use this option when you are sharing private information or when your campaigns/contents are not ready yet and you want to share them with your colleagues or customers.

How do I assign a password to my QR Codes?

1. Log into your account

Go to your login page and enter your username and password as you normally do.


Login Form

2. Click on options

Locate the dynamic QR Code or Landing page that you want to protect and click on Options.


QR Code Options

QR Code 2 Options
Option Menu

3. Switch on the Password protection

Click on the Password icon and select a password.

QR Code
  • Download
  • Design QR
  • Statistics
  • Edit URL
  • Tag
  • Delete
  • Reset
  • GPS is off
  • Edit Location
  • Password
  • Mail is off
  • Move to folder
  • URL Monitor is on
Options menu of a QR Code with the Password item selected

4. Select a password

Assign a secure password to your QR Code or Landing page and activate the option.

This password can be changed anytime and it can also be set when creating a QR Code via API.

Password activation dialog
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