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Why is my PDF file not showing after scanning the QR Code?

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When you create a PDF QR Code you will basically link to a PDF file that you have uploaded. When a user scans the QR Code he is being redirect to the PDF file. However, in some cases the PDF file is not showing on the user's device. Here is a list of possible reason that helps you with troubleshooting.

It may happen that when you have uploaded a PDF document, that you will delete the PDF document in a later point in time. When someone scans the QR Code the users will get a page not found error or a blank screen. Please make sure that the target URL of the QR Code always points to an existing resource.

The PDF file is downloaded in the background

When you create a PDF QR Code, you can set a direct download of the PDF file without an intermediate page. It works well with Apple devices, since they can display the PDF file directly in the browser after scanning the QR code. This option is not recommended on Android devices, since a download usually takes place in the background and the PDF file is not immediately displayed. Turn off the direct download for Android devices, click on save and try again.

Direct Download options for PDF QR Code
Direct Download of PDF on Android devices might hide the PDF document in the background

Your QR Code Reader cannot display PDF documents

If you are using a 3rd party QR Code Scanner (e.g. Kaspersky QR Scanner), the scanner might not be able to render a PDF file. Try to scan the QR Code with the native camera app of your smartphone and see if displaying the PDF document works.

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How to create PDF QR Code

To generate a PDF QR Code, create an account, create a new QR Code, upload the PDF file and click Create QR Code.

How to create PDF QR Code